Chinese and American Mobile Phone Systems

The author explains at length how good Asian cell phone coverage is,
compared to the US and Canada. He then briefly touches on the NSA
back door in Windows.

He explains that China’s Huawei 5G technology is far more advanced
than American systems. The reason is Five Eyes:

“All of Cisco’s equipment, and that of most other American
manufacturers, were designed to accommodate wide-spread NSA
information-gathering on Americans, as evidenced by Edward Snowden,
but even this was the smaller part of the problem. The real issue was
the US’ creation of the “Five Eyes” espionage network that included
Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Briefly, this was set up
to break every law in the book while pretending no laws were being
broken. It is generally against the law for a government to spy on
its own citizens, but that law doesn’t apply to a foreign government.
So, Canada spies on Australian citizens and sends the information to
the Australian spooks who can claim they did nothing wrong. Rinse and

“But suddenly Huawei is replacing Cisco and those other American
firms with its better and less expensive products and filling the
American mobile phone landscape with Huawei equipment. This part
might be troublesome but manageable, but the CIA and NSA can hardly
approach Huawei and ask the company to build back doors into their
equipment so the US can spy on everybody including China. There is no
solution to this problem. With the installation of Huawei equipment
into these five countries, Five Eyes is dead in the water, and the US
government was forced to make a decision between providing
world-class 5G communications for the benefit of the country or to
protect the functioning espionage network. They chose the latter….
Thus, US bullying to ensure each of its five eyes is Huawei-free…
There was no way to explain this to the public.”


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