BRING THEM HOME Innocent faces of 32 children held in tunnels by Hamas as distraught parents plead with terror group to release them

International aid agencies and charities back calls to free the 32 children.

THE desperate parents of 32 child hostages snatched by Hamas pleaded last night for the terror group to release them.

The petrified youngsters are being held underground in the 311-mile network of tunnels dubbed the Gaza Metro as Israel battles to crush the jihadists and bring them home.

Israeli children held hostage by HAMAS
Mother Mayaan, 50, with her girls Dafna, left, and EllaCredit: Ian Whittaker
Clockwise from left: Noam Avigdori, 12, Amit Shani, 16, Yuly Konio, 3, Sahar Kalderon, 16, Hila Rotem-Shoshani, 13, Ema Konio, 3, Tal Goldstein-Almog, 9, Agam Goldstein-Almog, 17

International aid agencies and charities backed calls to free them. The International Committee of the Red Cross said families are “worried sick.”

It added: “The ICRC has made repeated requests to visit the hostages so we can check on their well-being.”

A total of 240 hostages were taken in the Hamas rampage. Four have been freed and a woman soldier was rescued.

The youngest hostage is Kfir Bibas, just nine monthsCredit: Ian Whittaker


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