Biden Wins, Results Disputed, Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Martin Sieff

The implications of this are very grave. Democrats over the past four years have enraged Republicans and Heartland patriots by ignoring federal laws whenever they felt like it. So-called sanctuary cities gave protection to many thousands of law-breaking illegal aliens, including countless members of the notorious MS-13 gang, one of the most vicious and dangerous criminal organizations on the planet.(Although predominantly Nicaraguan in ethnic content, it has been primarily based in Los Angeles, California).

Now it’s going to be payback time, Baby! The bonds of federal and national unity have been strained close to breaking point already. The widely feared and warned-against breakdown of civic order is not yet inevitable and irreversible, but it is vastly closer than it was only a week ago.

After seeing liberal mayors and governors passively and even complacently allow the breakdown of law and order in their cities and states when it undermined Trump, enraged conservatives – convinced that the election was stolen from them, will not hesitate to take far more direct – and more violent- measures against the incoming Biden administration. It will indeed be payback time, Baby. William Blake’s “fearful symmetry” at work again.

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