Biden is not President: visual proof!

It is so obvious now. They are not trying to hide it. Biden, whoever or whatever he may be at this point, is not running our government. That leaves us with the terrifying question – who is running our government? And will we ever get it back?

Please share these videos. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican – these videos are impossible. Something is very wrong.

Reader comment:

In the first video, Biden doesn’t blink his eyes normally as he stalks forward for several yards.His expression is oddly frozen. I’ve seen embalmed people with more expression in their faces.His eyes also seem dilated, yet again.

Notice Kamalamadingdong’s anxious hands. She is nervously rubbing them as if she is afraid of something.

In The Hill video, Biden approaches the “reporters” rather woodenly, then raises his hands in a defensive posture as they start asking him rather vacuous questions. Biden’s response sounded rehearsed as his hands telegraphed anxiety.

Notice the small group of people, all dressed for cold weather, that appeared from behind the small shack. What was the point of them appearing in the video as if prompted to come from behind the small shack? And why were they dressed as if it was cold when Chauncey Biden wasn’t? Note also that the “reporters” were wearing hats and winter coats as well.

These videos are suspicious but ultimately didn’t prove anything we didn’t already know. Biden’s presidency is a fraud from the rigged election to his inability to function as a grocery bagger, much less POTUS .His disappearing head would be alarming if there was anything between his ears, but given who he isn’t, any additional loss of brain mass is insignificant.

So, yes, one way or another this is more evidence of deception that is intended to fool the fools, but it isn’t fooling those who respect and value truth.

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