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A Pessimistic Economist Laments The End Of Order

The magazine for and by multi-millionaires and billionaires, The Economist, warns that the end is imminent:

The liberal international order is slowly coming apart – (archived)
Its collapse could be sudden and irreversible

For years the order that has governed the global economy since the second world war has been eroded. Today it is close to collapse. A worrying number of triggers could set off a descent into anarchy, where might is right and war is once again the resort of great powers. Even if it never comes to conflict, the effect on the economy of a breakdown in norms could be fast and brutal.

Reader comment:

SMO in Ukraine did not cause the end of the liberal order, but certainly accelerated the timeline drastically.

Together with the identity crisis from the green agenda, the system is paradoxical, trying to strangle itself alive in the name of climate change, while trying to build a war economy further choking itself, while spending like no tomorrow to generate pitiful GDP growth and keep the debt house of cards from collapsing, while weaponizing the primary asset of the liberal order (the US dollar) against other large global economic powers from not being able to use it.

More recently, transgenderism, educational decay, rewriting biology and history, destruction of normal food supply and farming, war on CO2 (equivalent to war against life on the planet), reducing human population through various means including gene therapy products. All these come together and work to rip the liberal economic system apart. Such irony.

Truly the epic conjuncture of events similar to the end of the Roman empire, with all associated lunacy, madness and paradoxes to go along with it. Good riddance.

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