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Netanyahu must do something drastic to forestall the fall of the coalition government which is now split due to his withdrawing troops from Gaza without full war cabinet consent. IMO, we need to think what he would do to forward his and the Zionist public’s eschatological mania and thus win political support so he remains in charge of government instead of being sent to jail along with his wife. Netanyahu’s mania is Iran and every effort he’s taken to goad Iran into retaliation has failed, and in his opinion he must have that to get the Outlaw US Empire to fight Iran for him. Since he’s destroyed international law by attacking one Iranian diplomatic post, he may do the same to others, while ignoring the host nation. The man’s a megalomaniac, so we know he’ll do something but guessing exactly what is the issue. Crooke mentioned the fact that Iran’s nuclear installations are buried within mountains and thus protected, but that doesn’t mean the maniac won’t try as he doesn’t care who or how many he kills, and he seems to think he has Divine impunity. If the target is Iran, missiles will be used as Iran’s AD will hit Zionist jets. Is he crazy enough to use nukes? IMO, yes as the public currently will back such craziness.

The Zionists are proven homicidal maniacs and have tools they can use to vastly increase the number of their victims. IMO, if they use nukes, nukes must then be used on them as that will be the only way to put a stop to their murderous reign.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 9 2024 15:07 utc | 15

UN calls for the United States to be Investigated for War Crimes for abetting Israel

By Marcia Baker


The United Nations Human Rights Council, at its April 5 session in Geneva, voted up a resolution calling for all nations to end arms shipments to Israel, and related measures. The vote in the 47-member nation council was 28-6, with 13 abstentions. Voting against the resolution were the United States and Germany. The resolution calls for not only investigating Israel for commission of war crimes, but for investigating potential war crimes by all those nations now abetting Israel.

Live blog: ‘No force in the world’ will prevent Rafah invasion — Netanyahu

Israel’s aggression on besieged Gaza — now in its 186th day — has killed at least 33,360 Palestinians and wounded 75,993 others as Security Council reviews Palestine’s bid for full UN membership.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

1402 GMT — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that “no force in the world” will prevent his army from invading Rafah in the southern tip of Gaza.

“We will complete the elimination of the Hamas battalions, including in Rafah,” Netanyahu told recruits being drafted to the army’s Border Defense Corps.

“No force in the world will stop us. Many forces are trying to do this, but it will not help because this enemy, after what he has done, will not do it again,” he added.

Several countries, including the US, have urged Israel to abandon plans for a ground attack in Rafah, where more than 1.4M people have taken refuge in Rafah from Tel Aviv’s ongoing offensive on Gaza.

Gaza children running across demolished high rise building.


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