Belarus in the Firing Line for a Colour Revolution

With his refusal to toe the coronavirus line Alexandr Lukashenko has outlived his usefulness, and is being shuffled of the grand chessboard
Kit Knightly

History is very clear in this precedent: Corruption and/or violence would be no obstacle whatsoever to doing business with the West, were Lukashenko willing to be biddable and serve a NATO-backed Deep State agenda. Lukashenko’s coronavirus policy shows he is not, and so twenty-six years of being gently tolerated are over and it’s time for him to go.

All the hallmarks of a narrative roll-out are there.

The sudden widespread and uniform use of terminology (In this case “Europe’s last dictator”), protest placards helpfully being written in English, and the social media-spread accounts of “heroes” overcoming adversity (eg. the woman who can’t live steam the protests so weaves them into a quilt instead. Yes, seriously.)

Making the marches in Minsk all women holding flowers and wearing white is a nice touch, a new spin. The question is what they’re going to call it. They absolutely can’t call it the “White Revolution”, for fairly obvious reasons.

Reader comment from Off-Guardian article:

Aug 17, 2020 6:04 PM

I find it amusing to see there are some lunatics here denouncing Lukashenko. Let’s get some perspective here.
Lukashenko hasn’t imposed house arrest on the entire population, forced them to wear masks just to humiliate them and embarked on a policy of child abuse in the educational system. Neither has he wrecked his countries economy for no good reason and murdered tens of thousands of his people. Where is the tyranny here?

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