Argentina’s too-white football team falls on woke radar in Qatar

By Robert Bridge for RT

The World Cup finalists don’t have enough black players for a US professor’s taste

Now that Western virtue-signalers have successfully hoisted the LGBTQ flag over the World Cup, they have decided to turn their critical gaze to race.

While the people of Argentina celebrate the ongoing success of their national team in Qatar, a left-wing writer for the Washington Post chilled the festive atmosphere by dropping a race bomb: “Why doesn’t Argentina have more Black players in the World Cup?”

The response over Twitter from the South American nation was every bit as swift as it was devastating: “Because we are a country, not a Disney movie.” Another tweet from the same account stated“We are not going to allow any ignoramus to accuse our beautiful country of being racist. Cheap progressivism has no place in Argentina.” That pretty much sums up the general attitude to the woke warriors who won’t be happy until their divisive message reaches the four corners of the planet.



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