American parents questioning masks, transgender beliefs, and critical race theory in schools are not “domestic terrorists”

Robert Bridge

As the US educational system gets radically transformed, parents are becoming more vocal, to the point where schools are requesting FBI protection. But what did schools expect from promoting a radical agenda to children?

Once upon a time in America, before a tiny faction of radical progressives hijacked the Democratic Party, local school board meetings were dull and tedious affairs where crickets could be heard from inside of the mostly empty auditoriums. No more.

These days, the meetings are sold-out shows with enraged parents speaking out against what they believe is the indoctrination of their children to ‘cultural Marxist’ teachings, primarily on transgender beliefs and critical race theory, while gasping for precious air behind surgical masks. Indeed, so electrified are the conferences that the National School Boards Association called on the Biden administration to protect teachers and schools from the possibility of – long drum roll, please – “domestic terrorism.”

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