Month: June 2023

Michael Tracey: The Government Keeps Lying To Us About Ukraine; Where Is The Outrage?

By Tyler Durden SATURDAY, JUN 17, 2023 – 05:30 AM Authored by Michael Tracey, op-ed via, If you turn on the TV, you’ll find pundits on every channel loyally reciting from memory the broad parameters of the U.S. mission—at least as it’s being conveyed in daily rhetorical flourishes by Biden Administration officials, assorted Congressional chest-thumpers, […]

Orbán: “There is a Man Who Would be Able to Make Peace, but the Soros Empire is Attacking Donald Trump with All its Might”

By Richard Abelson Jun. 16, 2023 8:30 am “There is a man in the West who would be able to end this war and make peace. That man is Donald Trump,”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his weekly interview on Kossuth Radio Friday. “Hungary would be interested in seeing an advocate of peace at the […]

Amazon Locks a Man Out of His Smart Home Over Racism Allegations

BY LINCOLN BROWN 7:07 PM ON JUNE 13, 2023 At first, Jackson thought he had possibly been hacked. But he goes to great lengths to keep his passwords secure. So with security issues off the table, what could it have been? The answer is stranger than you think. Or maybe it is part and parcel of 21st […]

Political satirist CJ Hopkins facing criminal prosecution

The Berlin Prosecutor’s Office has charged political satirist (and frequent OffG contributor) CJ Hopkins with: “disseminating propaganda, the contents of which are intended to further the aims of a former National Socialist organization,” The charge relates to CJ’s promotion of his 2022 book The Rise of the New Normal Reich, which has already been banned by […]

“Let’s Try This Again!” Leopard tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles destroyed in Ukraine

Jun 9, 2023 Moon of Alabama (MoA) “Let’s Try This Again!” Yesterday I posted a picture of a Leopard 2A6 tank, 4 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and a Soviet era mine clearing vehicle all caught up next to each other in a minefield. There is now also better video of that scene as well as others. […]

Preparing to Wage a Nuclear War? Nuclear Attack F-16 Fighters to Ukraine

By Manlio Dinucci Global Research, June 03, 2023 The United States has begun a training programme for the Ukrainian Air Force in the use of F-16 fighters. Several European NATO countries participate in this programme: Denmark, Holland, Poland, Norway, Belgium, and Portugal. Other countries have offered to help with the training. The same countries will supply […]

Flying F-16 For the 1st Time, Two Ukrainian Pilots Shocked NATO Countries

Two Ukrainian Pilots, who qualified on the MiG-29 and the Su-27, flew the F-16 Fighting Falcon for the first time. The US Air Force gave them a brief familiarization and then tested on a flight simulator, performing “9 simulator events spanning a total of 11.5 hours.” The event produced an assessment that shocked the leaders […]

Music for Work [Artificial Intelligence Mix] Can robots replace humans in music production and when is it gonna happen? Answering this question is no easy task. No one can know for certain, what will occur and what will be created. Modern technologies and latest developments show us that making music will become increasingly computer-based and AI-driven, and lastly, it […]

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