Latin America says ‘No to neoliberalism’: Ecuador’s ex-foreign minister talks uprisings and Assange

The Grayzone premieres its new show Red Lines with Anya Parampil with an interview with the former foreign minister of Ecuador, Guillaume Long.

Video by Ben Norton

Anya Parampil and Guillaume Long discuss the coup in Bolivia, the anti-neoliberal uprisings sweeping Latin America, US Monroeism and the OAS, CIA spying on the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and President Lenin Moreno’s betrayal of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

We are seeing “a big geopolitical return of a very hawkish and aggressive United States, trying to force Monroeism on the region, the old Monroe Doctrine – ‘It’s our backyard,’” Long explains.

Dems summon image of Zelensky’s 15yo daughter ‘DUCT-TAPED in Trump’s basement’ during increasingly surreal impeachment hearing

In one of the strangest moments of the ongoing impeachment row in Washington, Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson asked fellow lawmakers to imagine the teenage daughter of Ukraine’s president tied up in Trump’s basement.

As the long hours of debate wore on during Thursday’s impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, Johnson, a Georgia Democrat, argued there existed an “imbalance of power” between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, offering a bizarre metaphor.

“They’re standing there, President Trump is holding court. And he says, ‘Oh, by the way, no pressure.’ And you saw President Zelensky shaking his head as if his daughter was downstairs in the basement, duct-taped,” Johnson said, drawing laughter from the room.

While the scenario Johnson conjured up was highly embellished, it was the latest Democratic attempt to undercut the White House, which insists President Trump placed no “pressure” on Zelensky, or imposed a “quid pro quo” on his government.

VA Dems Calling Second Amendment Sanctuaries Civil War Flashpoints

With his petition to the AG, Jones seems afraid that Second Amendment supporters are going to come down to Norfolk and “disproportionately harm” his constituents. At least that’s the excuse he’s using instead of coming flat out and admitting he doesn’t want you armed. (Jay Jones/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(“A Democratic state delegate has asked Attorney General Mark Herring (D) for a formal opinion on the Second Amendment sanctuary declarations being passed in a growing number of conservative counties across the state,” the Virginia Mercury reported Dec. 2. “Del. Jay Jones, D-Norfolk, said a legal opinion could help clear up confusion on an issue that has ‘become a flashpoint across our state.’”

“The bills passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by the governor are binding for our entire Commonwealth and its citizens,” Jones complained in his letter to Herring. “The legal precedent we would set by allowing communities to selectively ignore those laws at will is alarming and indicative of the same mindset that nearly one hundred and fifty years ago led this country to dissolve into a civil war.”

See where he’s going with this? The people who want the Second Amendment upheld are the same people being painted as rightwing extremists, potential domestic terrorists and, the most damning smear of all, racists. And yes, of course, Jones played that card.

It is worth noting that the same Democrats have no problem with sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens, selectively ignoring the statutes and laws per deportation of illegal aliens, including felons.  This might put the Democrats in the embarrassing position of having the Virginia AG state that sanctuary cities are unconstitutional.

Democrats play havoc with history, cite King Louis XVI in effort to impeach Trump

House Democrats laid out their case for impeachment in a report that takes great liberties with US as well as European history. The end result comes off as a lame attempt to hide a lack of evidence behind pomp and verbosity.

The ‘Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment’ is a pretentious 52-page history lesson that screams between the lines that not only are the Democrats the world’s worst sore losers, but they are unscrupulous enough to drag America through an impeachment process without a shred of evidence against the President. That much is obvious by the report’s conspicuous effort to pummel the reader with archaic names, dates and historical events that have little relevance at all to the present.

Imagine my surprise when I sat down with a hard copy of the text and randomly flipped open to page 32, which began with not only a blast from the distant past, but from an entirely different country: “Many officials were impeached for non-criminal wrongs against the British system of government,” the line began, before naming “the Duke of Buckingham (1626), the Earl of Strafford (1640), the Lord Mayor of London (1642), the Earl of Orford and… Governor General Warren Hastings (1787).”

In case the reader missed the beginning of that sentence, allow me to repeat it: “[M]any officials were impeached for non-criminal wrong…” In other words, it appears that the Democrats are attempting to build an impeachment case against Donald Trump on the premise – largely based on legal precedent from another historical time and place – that it’s perfectly legitimate to impeach a sitting President who has committed no real crime. That idea weaves its slippery way throughout the text.

Durka Durka Mohammad Jihad

HE WASN’T ALONE Saudi airman’s colleagues filmed as he killed 3 at US naval base as cops detain 10 with others missing

A SAUDI air force pilot in the US for training who killed three in a mass shooting was filmed by his colleagues as he went on his killing spree, it has emerged.

Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani opened fire at around 7am at the Naval Air Station Pensacola, which was immediately placed on lockdown.
Saudi pilot Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani is suspected of shooting dead three people at a US naval base

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad  (From Team America)


In this breakthrough episode Dark Journalist welcomes back Former HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts who has spent two decades tracking Missing Money from Government agencies including HUD and the Department of Defense! Her conclusions of where the money is disappearing to, including Underground Bases and a Secret Space Economy, deal a major blow to the Wall of Secrecy and covert power!

Impeachment, the Left, and the Deep State (Keep going, Toto!)

The terms “left” and “right” have now completely outlived their usefulness, but if they must be used, let’s just recognize that there is now a “Left” (“developing”/devolving for roughly thirty years now) that is to the right of the Right.

We now see a “Left” that, wittingly or unwittingly, is on board with an impeachment “process” that is nothing more than a rolling coup to put the CIA-led Deep State back into full control.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats, except that the latter is at present the leading “political” steering media for this restoration of the establishment.

Once this restoration occurs, it will become much harder to loosen things up again. Perhaps, though, when the establishment/Deep State reasserts itself, under Democratic Party leadership, the conditions will be ripe for the emergence of a Yellow Jersey-type movement of working people in the U.S.

(But note the general lack of enthusiasm by the U.S. Left for the Gilets Jaunes in France. This mainly shows the instinctive way that the U.S. Left now folds itself into the Democrats, as the Gilets Jaunes are not protesting France’s Trump but rather France’s Hillary.)

Whether Donald Trump is a true spanner in the works of the establishment/Deep State or simply a loose screw in the mechanism, there is no excuse for getting behind the Democrats and this impeachment “process.” None whatsoever.

As this “process” goes forward, however, it should be obvious to those with eyes and ears with which to see and hear, or, more to the point a brain with which to think, that the establishment and the Deep State do see Trump as a threat. “God bless the Deep State,” said former CIA deputy director/acting director John McLachlan last week, regarding the impeachment drive.

Trump’s main effectiveness in disruption and clarification has been “rhetorical.” What this means is that what he has mainly done is to pull the curtain back on how things really work with the establishment and Deep State. (Tulsi Gabbard did a good job with this a couple weeks earlier, and this was a good thing quite apart from anything else that can be discussed regarding Gabbard.) My view is, Keep going, Toto!

The view of today’s Left, that supports this “impeachment process”/establishment coup is that they are fine with, or at least can accept, what they see behind the curtain. “Because Trump … .” That’s ridiculous. In fact, one would want to say it’s insane, truly crazy.

One last thing that I hope concentrates how crazy liberals and the Left are these days: Comparing Trump with Hitler (or the “Trump regime” with the Third Reich) is not only crazy and ridiculous, it is anti-Semitic. It is a complete trivialization of the Holocaust and much else that is horrible besides.

Another ‘deplorables’ moment? Surging in Democrat polls, Buttigieg calls all Trump supporters racist

Campaigning in South Carolina on Tuesday, ahead of Wednesday’s Democrat debate, the South Bend mayor was was filmed accusing “anyone who supported this president” of either being racist or unacceptably tolerant of it.

Accusing Trump of racism has been an article of faith among the Democrats for years, and asking for evidence is a surefire way to get branded a racist oneself. Just two months prior to the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton famously declared half of Trump’s supporters as an irredeemable “basket of deplorables… racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic you name it.”

Democrats have mostly reacted to Buttigieg’s remark by calling it a true fact, or quibbling about semantics – saying that “looking the other way, at best” isn’t quite calling people racist outright.

The Grand Poo Bah Still Searching for Impeachment

There were two especially notable testimonys made during the recent House impeachment inquiry that should have been ‘nothing to see here folks, let’s move on’ except that The Grand Poo-bah of the Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff, haughty in his own insecurity and full of his usual self-regard, bugging his eyes in anticipation, continues to act as if he is living in a reality where facts and evidence are non existent.

In a series of mental meanderings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement that two career diplomats had provided “corroborated evidence of bribery was little more than off-hand ramblings with no evidence of exactly what was corroborated.

Upon questioning, Pelosi defined ‘bribery’ as the President’s alleged withholding of military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into the Biden’s financial bonanza.

In contrast to Pelosi’s allegation, neither of the career diplomats aforementioned presented any “corroborated evidence of bribery” nor has any testimony confirmed that bribery occurred.

As Lord High Justice of the Misguided Society of Wild Goose Chases, the myopic Schiff Show moves on this week to the House Judiciary Committee with more disgruntled witnesses on Wednesday who have, as of the 2016 election, lost any objectivity or claim to legal scholarship.

‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’: Fed QE is like Pringles, Ross Ashcroft tells RT’s Keiser Report

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been bailing out the repo market with multi-billion dollar programs every week, says the Keiser Report, which asks if it’s the fourth round of quantitative easing (QE).

Max Keiser talks to award winning filmmaker, broadcaster, and strategist Ross Ashcroft, who says it’s not QE but more like QE infinity. “It’s like Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop,” says Ashcroft.

According to Ashcroft, who is the host of the weekly program Renegade, it is the classic liquidity trap. He says the money is stagnating while really bad ideas are being funded.