The Storm Is Here: Pelosi Prepares to Be Appointed President – Trump’s Fight Against Total Chaos

Joaquin Flores

A General Outline:

  1. ‘Problems’ with the process and final count in the 2020 presidential election will render no clear winner
  2. A legal battle will ensue, as both Trump and Biden will maintain they have won
  3. Congress will move to execute constitutional provision to choose president – Pelosi
  4. Trump will physically occupy the White House while Pelosi Seeks Inauguration
  5. More violence and destabilization if Pelosi plan works

Trump’s Projected Victory Means the Deep State Moves for Election Spoilage

The deep state’s plan has worked through contingency plans to oust Trump. This is because a clean election has him 91% likely to win according to the only tested reliable method of evaluating the past century of presidential elections, the Norpoth/Primary Model. That same model had Trump 87% likely to win in 2016, despite push-polls and various other erroneous (but convenient for the DNC) models showing Clinton the likely winner. It is the gold standard. Other models either do not consider all the variables, or have weighted those variables incorrectly, and the Primary Model takes account for voter motivation.

Pelosi – Fauci – Gates

Pelosi and congressional Dems in concert with Fauci and Gates have made – between the forced lockdowns, explosive unemployment, and business closures – the very same mess that they will say is ‘Trump’s Economy’. Dems push divisiveness – blaming other Americans and Trump, while Trump unites all Americans using the xenophobic trope of Red China. On a deeper level, Trump blames Fauci and Gates, and was upset that Event 201 became a live exercise without telling the White House. ‘They should have told us’, he lamented, as Pompeo let the truth slip that ‘this is a live exercise’.

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