Nuclear strikes cannot be avoided – the logic of events in Ukraine leads to them anyway


The topic of the use of nuclear weapons is again being actively discussed by experts. First, a meeting of the US-Russian Commission on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) has been disrupted. Secondly, military analysts believe that December will be the month of active offensives by the parties to the conflict in Ukraine. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces win and break into Crimea, Russia will be forced to use tactical nuclear weapons. And if the Russian Armed Forces begin to crush the Nazi formations, NATO will launch Plan B and send troops into Galicia. Which, generally speaking, automatically means a subsequent clash with the Russian army with escalation into a nuclear war.The hacked US DDELTA troop control system documents state that the US sent secret documents to Sweden and Finland stating that Russia was allegedly preparing to launch a Sarmat ICBM strike on Ukraine and Poland.


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