How addressing so-called ‘unconscious bias’ and ‘unwitting racism’ could be the first step to brainwashing


Frank Furedi

is an author and social commentator. He is an emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Author of How Fear Works: The Culture of Fear in the 21st Century. Follow him on Twitter @Furedibyte

If racism can be unwitting, who decides whether or not an individual is guilty as charged? Typically, the answer is that it is the accuser. The complexity of psychological motivation was resolved by Macpherson in the following terms: “A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.”

So what counts is not the act, but how it is perceived. The principle that an offence is in the eyes of the beholder lends the charge of racism a highly subjective character. Such a subjective standard of proof lends the accusation of racism automatic credibility.

But shouldn’t we be more concerned about what we do, rather than what we – unconsciously – think? This new and sustained focus on the unconscious by the so-called ‘race experts’ who perform the bias training essentially represents the colonisation of people’s internal thought processes.

And if we continue down this path, brainwashing will become legitimate policy.

A Call to ARM

The case for an American Revolution Movement for Self-Defense.

Lloyd Billingsley

As sub-nihilist mobs terrorize the nation, Democrats cheer on the violence, defund the police and hold the National Guard at bay. Americans have little choice but to protect themselves against the well-funded, highly organized forces of the left. When Americans do attempt to protect their lives and property, they find themselves all alone, like the couple in St. Louis, with no local or national network to back them up.

By now the need for such a network should be evident to all but the willfully blind. Let this writer suggest a form it could take: ARM, the American Revolution Movement for Self-Defense.

ARM would be dedicated to the preservation of gains the American Revolution secured, such as constitutional rights, and the protection of American lives and property. ARM would support the rule of law and oppose rule by the mob, a single political party, or some Great Leader.

On the information side, ARM would reinforce basic realities. All human beings are created . . . .

Judge Orders ‘Destruction’ of Epstein Evidence

Jul 5, 2020 1:00 PM

Whitney Webb on the nexus of the Maxwell sisters and surveillance software, with which the Maxwell family has been involved for 40 years. Though many of the Maxwell products have been incorporated into Microsoft and other software used by the alphabet agencies, the Maxwells’ continuing prominence helps to provide cover for the broader surveillance project.

All of this is happening with the blessing of the CIA… Israel is just building the infrastructure. You have the former chief information officer of the CIA on the board of SEPIO SYSTEMS with an ex Mossad director.

Israel provides great cover for U.S. agencies like the CIA. No-one pays attention to the billionaires who are surveilling and manipulating the country. The media won’t discuss it for fear of being called anti-semitic.

Epstein put $1 million into CARBINE 911, chaired by Ehud Barrack. Michael Chertoff of DHS is there, with Christian Neilsen, former head of LAPD. They’re connected to Eric Prince. Another investor is Palantir which practices predictive policing… taking Promis software to another level. Palantir’s software has one label you can put on a person calling them ‘subversive’ so you can track their activities.*

This is the next generation 911 system. Carbine wants to take it from State level to Next Generation 911 that can get your location, and suck all the data from your phone into the Carbine NG911 database. From that they can decide if a person will be a future victim, perpetrator or close to the scene of a future crime

DIAGNOSTIC ROBOTICS is being developed by a Microsoft alumnus whose software not only predicts future coronavirus outbreaks but also future riots. It uses pre-crime predictive programs created by Israel. It is being piloted in Rhode Island and India. The software was justified as Contact Tracing then was immediately used in the riots to track people.

Moneycircus asks: Were the BLM protests activated at the same time as the Co-vid lockdown in order to test and refine this software? The software makers boast it can be used to lockdown an entire city in one day.

Back to Whitney Webb: Diagnostic Robotics software refers to individuals as “a coronavirus patient at risk of exposure” – in other words the software defines everybody as suspect.

Meet the Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy (Jul 2nd, 2020)

Software can also be used to cause chaos. The more divided the U.S. becomes, the more they can justify the imposition of order by force.

CYBEREASON, owned by SoftBank which has ties to MBS and Kushner and Unit 8200 (Israel’s NSA). One of these companies simulated attacks on November 3, 2020, election day – cars driving into polling stations, cyber attacks on self driving cars, cyber attacks on electrical and sewage systems.

They sell anti-virus software so their simulations have nothing to do with their product – they claim to be running the simulations “because we care”.

When you saw the Russiagate-fueled criticism of Kaspersky, claiming that because its founder is Russian the anti-virus giant should be banned from U.S. government, who took over the contracts? Cybereason.

NYC powergrid and hydro dams are currently being operated by Israeli state-owned military contractors. Any conflict of interest mebe (sic)?

Most people cannot see this as a danger because most people are locked into a red-blue, left-right paradigm even though it distracts from the fact that the Reps and Dems all support endless war, the Federal Reserve, the Israel lobby, and the only disagreements are over a handful of social issues like abortion and trans rights.

Few journalists are willing to move away from those social issues. When they do they risk being shut down, like the magazine Radar, after journalist Chris Ketchum covered Israeli espionage and Continuity of Government plans. One of the main shareholders in Radar was Jeffrey Epstein.

01:22:00 #207 – Whitney Webb Returns | The Tim Dillon Show

From “‘majestic” to “monument for 2 slave owners”: CNN makes about-face on Mt. Rushmore in its coverage of Obama and Trump

In its latest attempt to tar US President Donald Trump’s event at Mt. Rushmore, CNN framed the iconic monument as a homage to slavery, despite previously dubbing it a salute to “four great presidents.”

CNN correspondent Leyla Santiago took to the airwaves on Friday to report on the president’s rally to mark Independence Day at the memorial later in the evening, putting heavy emphasis on its links to slavery and abuses of Native Americans while implying the site was chosen for those reasons.

“Kicking off the Independence Day weekend, President Trump will be at Mt. Rushmore, where he’ll be standing in front of a monument of two slave holders and on land wrestled away from Native Americans,” she said, noting Trump would focus on what he called “the effort to tear down our country’s history.”

While the broadcast was factually correct – former presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were indeed slave owners and the monument was built on land sacred to the Lakota – it stands in clear distinction to the network’s previous coverage of the memorial. When Vermont senator and two-time presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visited the site in 2016, CNN called the massive stone carving “a monument to four great presidents,” describing how Sanders took in “the majesty of the moment” as he deemed the site an example of “our country at its best.”

AntiFa and BLM marching towards the suburbs are giving Americans a much needed wake-up call

This has to happen.  For most of you, until the problem is literally at your doorstep, you’ll ignore it and just cry for President Trump to get involved.  I’m counting on the lawlessness of these domestic terrorists to force middle-America to finally pay attention to their local governments and who they put into office.

This is a good thing for the country because along with the newfound appreciation for the Second Amendment, it will force Americans in their complacent suburban bubbles to address the reality of the consequences of electing Marxists.  Consider this a “scared straight” program for citizens.  It’s fun and games until the degenerate mob wants to burn down your house and kill your dog, like the couple in St. Louis.

Every Man for Themselves Will Soon Be the Order of the Day! America is Teetering On Collapse!!

Bob Griswald and Dave Hodges

All hands on deck! The great empire known as the United States is no more. Even Angela Merkel recently stated that very soon, America will no longer be a world power. Today in America, half of working age adults are unemployed!

I recently interviewed Bob Griswold and his grim assessment of where America is at, shocked me to my core! However, I cannot find any flaws in his logic. America quickly descending past the rule of law and directly into the depth of lawless anarchy. We now live in a country where it is a crime to workout in a gym, in many states, but looting, rioting, all types of mayhem, including murder, are perfectly legal. Bob Griswold’s stunning thoughts are available by clicking this link.

The Attack on John Wayne Is an Attack on White America

Paul Kersey, American Renaissance, February 19, 2019

Scott Eyman’s John Wayne: The Life and Legend reveals Wayne felt the 1964 Civil Rights Act violated the rights of property owners. Wayne also faced opposition because of his views on race even in his own era. A year after the 1971 Playboy interview, Wayne was made the grand marshal of the Rose Bowl Parade. The USC Daily Trojan opined that the selection of Wayne was “a gross insult to Blacks, to American Indians and to Americans of any race who believe in equality. John Wayne is blatant racist.” (p. 468) The editorial failed to dislodge him from his position.

Yet the postmortem damnatio memoriae may well succeed. It is likely there will be a movement to rename John Wayne Airport. After all, what does John Wayne have to do with the new population of Orange County, and, more broadly, California? And what does this new population have to do with the America that existed before the 1965 Immigration Act?

America was once an unapologetically white nation, and even film stars knew this to be true. Yet 2019 America is a self-hating, collapsing society. Republicans who think even an icon like John Wayne can survive demographic change are fooling themselves.

America’s elite is at war with this country’s own past, which is to say its white past. Our enemies won’t stop until every white hero is reexamined for hints of “racism.” The intent is to retcon our past — to ensure that American whites have no future.

The Co-opting of Activism by the State

Dustin Broadbery

Extinction Rebellion campaigns on the politically prescribed bandwagon of the day, dressed as the proletariat, carrying the recycled torch of direct action dissidents from the eighties and nineties, who campaigned fiercely on bonafide issues, such as equality, sovereignty and political inclusion.

Yet, contrary to the ideals of those drowned out voices of civil disobedience, ER is courted by high profile financial donors and is aligned ideologically with multinational energy corporations and billionaire philanthropists. each vying for a fattened slice of the climate change pie. Making this motley crew anything but grass roots.

Another funder of ER is billionaire philanthropist, George Soros, who is, unsurprisingly, a seed investor in Avaaz, often cited as the world’s largest and most powerful online activist network. This paradoxical, head-scratching fiction, that would attempt to align the polarising ideals of activism and billionaires – as if the two would be commuted through mutual interest – is straight out of the pages of an elaborate science fiction novel set in a parallel universe.

Democrats attack July 4 Trump rally at Mt. Rushmore as ‘glorifying white supremacy,’ scrub tweet amid outcry

The Democratic Party has provoked a collective eye roll on Twitter after blasting the president for an upcoming rally at Mount Rushmore, saying it would honor “white supremacy” on sacred native land. The tweet was quickly nuked.

The Dems’ latest hot take on Monday night stood for only moments before it was sent down the memory hole, though by then it had already been preserved for eternity on an internet archive site. The hot-button tweet said President Donald Trump had “disrespected Native communities,” and would do so again by holding his July 4th rally at Mount Rushmore, which it deemed “sacred” to some Native American tribes.

The now-deleted post sent critics into a fury, interpreting the message to say that both the iconic American monument and Independence Day itself are celebrations of racism.