A Call to ARM

The case for an American Revolution Movement for Self-Defense.

Lloyd Billingsley

As sub-nihilist mobs terrorize the nation, Democrats cheer on the violence, defund the police and hold the National Guard at bay. Americans have little choice but to protect themselves against the well-funded, highly organized forces of the left. When Americans do attempt to protect their lives and property, they find themselves all alone, like the couple in St. Louis, with no local or national network to back them up.

By now the need for such a network should be evident to all but the willfully blind. Let this writer suggest a form it could take: ARM, the American Revolution Movement for Self-Defense.

ARM would be dedicated to the preservation of gains the American Revolution secured, such as constitutional rights, and the protection of American lives and property. ARM would support the rule of law and oppose rule by the mob, a single political party, or some Great Leader.

On the information side, ARM would reinforce basic realities. All human beings are created . . . .


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