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Often the comment sections of BLOGS and Websites are better than the articles they are commenting about.  This page is dedicated to sharing those comments.  Comments follow link to original story.

Republican's Strawman Steve King

But even calling white nationalism an "evil ideology" did no good. Democrats sat back and watched Republicans sacrifice one of their own. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that if Mr. King "doesn't understand why ‘white supremacy' is offensive, he should find another line of work." Brand-new Senator Mitt Romney said of Mr. King: "What he said was reprehensible and ought to lead to his resignation from Congress."


Delmas ParkerPolhill • 21 hours ago

Supporting the House resolution sounds as if it is equivalent to the public confessions we still see in People's Republic of China. The United States is finished.

Germany Steps Up Monitoring of Far-Right (sic) AfD Party

WR_the_realist • 21 hours ago

What I have learned since the Trump campaign: "Threats to democracy" are politicians who, if elected, will give the public what it wants.

Simonsays • 20 hours ago

Big Brother would approve.

LHathaway • 20 hours ago

Voters are a threat to democracy, when leftists lose.

whiteprivatebluecollarworker • 20 hours ago

Dumping third world illiterate inbreed devil cult worshipers who rape your women is not "disturb the public order"? WTF is going on? I thought the western democracys were free and the warsaw pact was where you couldn't speek freely or so we were taught 40 years ago?

They Hate Italians and Must Resign: Salvini Attacks Mayors Resisting Harsh Immigration Rules


The nationalists sweeping to power across Europe should let their opponents know that if it can happen to Macron, it can definitely happen to them.

The optics are very bad for the diversity loving, coalition of the losers globalists right now. They have weaknesses and major fractures on so many fronts. Nationalism is now (predictably) sweeping across the first world.

The false demand for diversity, Islam, in your face gayness, transgenderism, and massive welfare states to permanently support all the new unwanted blacks and browns looks horrid in comparison to the VERY REAL demand for safe, free, open societies where we can not only live in peace, but thrive and make improvements to our societies for future generations- generations who share our DNA, culture, and yes, look like us.

These very real demands are being addressed here and in Europe, because courage is contagious and people are starting to feel that they have nothing to lose. These movements are desperate for strong, charismatic leaders. Those who do step up are rewarded in kind- instant celebrity status and people coming out of the woodwork to support them.

Cowed Aid Agencies Cease Migrant Rescues in the Mediterranean

It's about time!

Who is behind this totally illegal shuttling of Africans, et al., into Europe? All those responsible should be arrested and prosecuted, and all their ships and other resources used to carry out these crimes impounded as evidence against them.

These were NOT "rescues." These were ACTS OF WAR against the Caucasian race of Europe!

They were part of a DELIBERATE and well-planned plot to flood Europe with non-white foreign invaders who could be counted on to displace, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, the native white population.

Italians and other Europeans should not stop here. Their next move should be to DEPORT, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, all the non-white, foreign invaders from their soil!

How Democracy Is Losing the World

"Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what they are going to have for lunch".

Democracy is Black majority rule in Zimbabwe and now South Africa voting to confiscate productive White own farms and redistribute to corrupt White hating elites.

Democracy in my Chicago means BlackLiesMatter voted to take over the District Attorney's office and the States Attorneys office and give 90% of Black criminals a get out of jail pass.

Democracy in our Disunited States means that "The People" addicted to bad J television (Maury Povitch "Who's the Father, Jeff Zucker's CNN) and extremely bad Hollywood movies (Harvey Weinstein, Quentin Tarantino) or just TB infected homeless in the Bay Area have the same voting rights as some intelligent, moral, patriotic White Anglo.

Democracy is now the National Council of Laraza - "The Race" using the masses of their resentful people to insult and disposes us most every where.


One-third of migrants in caravan are being treated for health issues, Tijuana health official says

THIS is exactly what it looks like already in parts of the sanctuary cities in LA, SAN FRAN, PORTLAND, SEATTLE, DETROIT, CHICAGO, NEW YORK, etc.... this is why we have diseases which have been banished for decades reemerging and new ones MUTATING because of the influx of outsiders getting in illegally and not being vaccinated and putting our healthy citizens at risk of catching and dying of old and new diseases... wake up people unless this is really want you want the rest of america to turn into, and it will if you let these TRAITORS OF AMERICA who are behind the invasion and t'urning of AMERICA into a third world socialist country..... YOUNG PEOPLE, DO NOT BELIEVE YOUR LIBERAL PROFESSORS... USE YOUR OWN COMMON SENSE AND DONT LET THEM BRAINWASH YOU.

German states want social media law tightened

BERLIN (Reuters) - German states have drafted a list of demands aimed at tightening a law that requires social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to remove hate speech from their sites, the Handelblatt newspaper reported on Monday.


6 hours ago
Liberal propaganda: "highly ambitious effort"
Normal people translation: "highly Orwellian effort"
5 hours ago
State-approved speech amounts to state-sponsored speech, which amounts to thought control.
5 hours ago
Since the Muslim takeover of Germany's society, more and more ant-hate laws have been quietly passed in Germany than anyone in the outside world realizes. The German government is rushing backward to the days of the secret police state in their attempts to control speech AND thought of the German people. They are intent on punishing their own citizens who wish to keep Germany for Germans and Europeans. Germany, on the other hand, has seemed intent on the Islamization of the continent...part of their New World Order scheme. This is the reason, the more radical groups are gaining a foothold in their parliament.
11 hours ago
Oh yes. The control of speech
5 hours ago
Germany is reverting to their totalitarian roots. The all powerful state determines who can be criticized and who cannot.
5 hours ago
But (((Who))) is defining what hate speech is? Seems quite arbitrary. Is hate speech just a reaction to govt policy? Suppressing speech critical of those in power always leads to violence does it not?
5 hours ago
Merkel and her thugs have sold out Germany/ all of Europe to invaders. Anyone who speaks up will be labeled with this so-called hate speech laws!
5 hours ago
So the Germans want to remove hate speech from social media platforms.

Does this mean they'll be banning the Quran along with Nazi stuff?


Los Angeles: Capital of the Third World

L.A. and Miami have a lot in common. Both were culturally American cities—that is to say, white—well into the 1970's but have since been transformed into massive forward bases of Hispanic-Afro-Caribbean dysfunction. Also, neither is ever going back to what it used to be.

Of the many sad and frustrating aspects of this transformation, one stands out in my mind. It's the fact that no one today under the age of about 40 has any conscious memory of a time when those cities were, in a sense, bigger and sunnier versions of any other American city. You have to be at least 50+ to remember a time when Miami or L.A. was not full of "vibrancy".

Young people today have no experience of a world where neighborhoods, schools and sitcoms didn't look like the international departure lounge at JFK airport.

They don't know that we were a country once.

Smearing Columbus: No Holidays for White Men


Hmmm. When a Sudanese or Somalian "refugee" arrives in Sweden, Germany or any other European country, he is immediately considered more Swedish, more German or more anything than the native born citizens that have been residing in the country for a thousand years.

But when Europeans emigrated to the US of A, say 300 years ago, they are still considered invaders and unwanted squatters on land that they have no right to possess.
Something does not add up.


I'm waiting for the self hating whites to go back to Europe. Columbus was evil and so were their ancestors for coming here, so why are they living here? Is this an apology? Is an apology good enough or should they give the land back to the natives? Another liberal policy is open borders which further harms the actual Native Americans by inviting the world into their lands. 200 million in 1970, and now almost 319 million, most of whom were invited to live in Native Americans lands thanks to the generosity of white liberals. White liberals are their greatest enemy, apology or not. Keeping in mind, white liberals aren't very bright, so they aren't aware that Native Americans and Central and South Americans are opposing tribes, even ancient enemies. Native Americans will be harmed as the US becomes increasingly more over populated, non-white, and the IQ and standards degrade. I doubt a 3rd world overpopulated USA will benefit Native Americans.

We're staying silent out of fear (Washington Post)

Liberals rejected traditional religion and have created a new one where people who blaspheme against the orthodoxy will be mercilessly named, shamed, and blamed.  I have withdrawn from social media because people who I respect in person just turn into crazy people behind the keyboard. They become addicted to likes and retweets and shares and are endlessly trying to demonstrate their ideological purity.

These article describes the situation perfectly:

Closely following social media, the printing press and the radio on a list of the most socially disruptive communications tools and applications in history, I would have to put Peter Thiel's 'Like' button. In tandem with its applications as dopamine dispenser and progenitor of democratically-destabilizing mimetic contagion, it enables mass epistemic failure by teaching people to associate what is popular with what is right or true.

Weaponized social media platforms pervert democracy by suborning reasoned opinions to the perception that a belief is widely held. As Bertrand Russell wrote in Skeptical Essays 'the fact that an opinion is widely held is no reason to suppose that it is true'. There might still be some residual truthiness in this notion, but I note that its not an idea that's trending...

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