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German AfD MP brutally beaten in politically-motivated attempted assassination (GRAPHIC)

The Bremen chairman of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Frank Magnitz, is battling for his life after sustaining a gaping wound to his head following an attack by three unknown assailants.

Magnitz was rushed to the hospital on Monday night after suffering a serious head injury following a "politically-motivated attempted assassination," Bremen AfD said in a statement, posting a graphic image of the injured chairman.

Armed with wooden sticks, the three men beat the politician repeatedly on the head and kicked him while he was already on the ground until a construction worker saw the assault and tried to intervene. According to the statement, the attack took place immediately after Magnitz left the New Year's reception near Bremen's Goetheplatz.

8-year-old German girl bullied and stabbed by Arab child at migrant majority school - Teacher covers it up

100 years on, German far right seeks to rehabilitate Empire


Germany's far right is trying to rehabilitate the German Empire and its role in World War I, resuming a decades-old debate ahead of the centenary of the armistice.

The magazine Compact, which is close to the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD), is publishing a special November issue dedicated to the 1919 Treaty of Versailles which held the Reich responsible for the Great War and compelled the country to make colossal reparations.

The title recalls the rhetoric used in the 1920s by those nostalgic for Imperial Germany and the Nazis: "The shame of Versailles: how the victorious powers enslaved Germany".

Its online story is headlined "Germany in chains".

The aim is to reevaluate the German Empire (1871-1918) which for decades has been seen in the collective consciousness as the first of the destructive powers of the 20th century.

"This Is An Earthquake For Bavaria": CSU Suffers Stunning Defeat, Loses Absolute Majority In Worst Result Since 1950

Voters in Germany's economically dominant southern state of Bavaria delivered a stunning rebuke to the ruling Christian Social Union, in an election that underscored the evaporation of support for the parties in Angela Merkel's grand coalition in Berlin.

With all eyes on Sunday's Bavaria election, moments ago the first exit polls were published and showed a historic collapse for the ruling CSU party, which has ruled Bavaria continuously since 1957, and which saw its share of the vote collapse from 47.7$ in the 2013 election to just 35.5%, losing its absolute majority and suffering its worst result since 1950, as voters defected in their droves to the Greens and the far-right Alternative for Germany.

Leftist German politician says old white men threaten the future and could destroy Europe

"Fears" of Far-Right "moles" in German police who side with German people instead of anti-German Merkel government

The leak of an arrest warrant which names one of the chief suspects in a stabbing that set off neo-Nazi riots in Germany this week has raised fears that the country’s police may have been infiltrated by the far-Right. [Instead of former Stasi far-left anti-white traitors.]

The confidential document, which was shared by far-Right groups on social media, names a 22-year-old Iraqi, one of two immigrants being held on suspicion of stabbing a German-Cuban man to death in the eastern city of Chemnitz at the weekend.

The killing set off the most serious neo-Nazi violence in Germany for several years. More than 6,000 far-Right protestors roamed through the streets of Chemnitz on Monday night, attacking foreigners, giving the Hitler salute and chanting: “A dead foreigner for every dead German”.

Police confirmed on Wednesday that the leaked document was genuine and said they had opened an investigation into suspected “violation of official secrets”.

PEGIDA demonstrators march with photos of victims killed by foreigners in Germany

The German city of Dresden was the latest scene of a protest by the anti-immigrant group PEGIDA, which marched through town carrying huge photos of people they say were killed by foreigners.

Footage from the scene shows the PEGIDA protesters peacefully walking down the street on Monday, some carrying the pictures and names of victims who have allegedly been killed by immigrants.

Others held German flags and banners that read “Merkel must go!” One person was seen on the sidelines with a sign addressed to Amazon's digital assistant. “Alexa, make Merkel disappear,” it read, prompting laughter and applause from marchers.

'Too young to prosecute': German police drop case of 10yo Afghan boy who raped classmate

German authorities have dropped a case in which a 10-year-old Afghan boy raped a classmate during a school trip while Syrian and Afghan accomplices held him down, as the perpetrators are apparently not old enough to be tried.

The incident began when 38 students from a Berlin school went on a field trip to Schloss Kröchlendorff, a castle in Nordwestuckermark, Germany. The students were supposed to have a fun day out enjoying nature – but that wasn't possible for everyone.

The day turned horrific for a 10-year-old boy, who was told by the perpetrators: "We f**k you today!" A total of three boys ganged up on the victim; an Afghan and a Syrian, both aged 11, held him down while a 10-year-old Afghan boy sexually abused and raped him, according to the Berliner Zeitung.

11 hospitalized as rival right-wing and anti-fascist protests face off in Chemnitz, Germany (VIDEOS)

German Politician Tells Germans Not to Fear Becoming an Ethnic Minority: "Many Things Will Be Better"

The German politician, Barbara John, of the nominally conservative CDU party (Angela Merkel’s party), has written an article telling Germans not to worry about becoming an ethnic minority.

This appears to be part of the strategy switch I wrote about before from White Genocide Denial to White Genocide Acceptance.

In Germany it is only a question of time until people of immigrant background form a majority of the population in the larger cities. That point has already been reached in Frankfurt am Main: back in 2017, 51.2% of the city’s inhabitants had not been born in Germany or had non-German parents. Augsburg and Stuttgart are the next candidates or have already reached that status. Across the country, however, only one in four inhabitants have an immigrant background, the Federal Statistics Office reported a few days ago.

…The trend towards a rapidly growing proportion of immigrants is irreversible. Fears are already spreading, but also hopes.

She points to Rotterdam and Amsterdam, where the ancestral inhabitants are already a minority. as pioneers of this change. They offer a reassuring example, she says.

It became apparent that the great fear of many of the indigenous inhabitants that they would now themselves become an insignificant minority was unfounded. It was a mistake to believe there would be a new majority that would take their place.

It’s OK because you’ll just be one minority among others, she declares, not ruled over by a new dominant race. {snip}

The new population majority consists of many immigrant groups who differ enormously from one another ethnically, culturally, religious, economically and by education. They often have disputes among themselves as well as other groups, just like the indigenous people. In this way new political alliances form beyond people with and without an immigrant background. A second certainty is unfamiliar but confirmed: it is no longer the indigenous majority who are solely responsible for economic and social progress, but society as a whole. So many things will be different and many things better too.

{snip} You should allow people who express hatred for you now to acquire power over you because once they have deprived you of power, they will stop expressing hatred for you.

If Angela Merkel had a son: Germany: 11-year-old Boy Stabbed Repeatedly, African Migrant Arrested

An African migrant has been arrested after an 11-year-old was found with multiple life-threatening stab wounds in Germany.

The suspect, a 25-year-old from Eritrea, lived in the same apartment block in Vilshofen, Lower Bavaria, as the victim’s parents, according to TAG24.

Police say the boy was found with serious puncture wounds and deep cuts to his neck, upper body, and leg, but is thought to be in a stable condition following emergency surgery.

The knife used in the attack has been recovered, but the authorities have yet to determine a motive at this time.

Germany's migration chief is sacked amid an asylum agency fraud scandal

The ousted head of Germany's refugee agency was central to an unfolding asylum application fraud scandal, but firing her won't fix core "structural problems" in the country's migration system, a geopolitical analyst has told RT.

After serving just 18 months as head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Jutta Cordt was fired this week by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, after an internal review discovered that the agency's branch in the city of Bremen had violated legal and internal regulations for the approval of asylum applications. The decision was quietly announced on Friday, and Rainer Rothfuss, a geopolitical analyst and professor at Tübingen University's Institute of Geography in Baden-Württemberg, feels the sacking was long overdue.

German migration agency reassesses thousands of refugee cases following corruption scandal

The German federal migration service plans to review thousands of successful asylum applications. Earlier, it was revealed that a regional migration office granted asylum to thousands of people without sufficient grounds.

The German Federal Office for Migration and Asylum (BAMF) will re-examine some 18,000 cases in which refugees were granted asylum in Germany, the agency's director, Jutta Cordt, told journalists at a press conference on Friday. The inspection will cover all successful asylum applications filed as far back as 2000, she added.

Germans as a people do not exist, so they cannot be betrayed, says Green Party leader

In a video interview with Informr, the new leader of the Green Party, Robert Habeck, made controversial remarks denying the notion of a German people, newspaper Junge Freiheit reports.

When asked about the concept of betrayal of the people, Habeck says:

"That's a Nazi concept. There is no people, in consequence, there cannot be a treason of the people. It's a statement of anger that can be really divisive, discriminatory and pernicious."

These remarks sparked the anger from the right-wing AfD party president, Jörg Meuthen, who quickly responded:

"Of course the Germans exist, as the Italians, the Spanish, the French and the Turks do (...) The Green party have not yet accomplished their destructive goal, which is the abolition of borders".

"Our people survived worse ideologies and have nothing to fear from a pseudo-intellectual Islamophile being a snob to the German people", he added.

Spiegle Online: The Changing Demographics of Germany

Many Germans feel foreign in their own country and are afraid that immigration is changing their homeland rapidly. Every fifth person in Germany comes from an immigration background and that number will continue to climb. What does that mean for the country? By DER SPIEGEL Staff

How the Stasi returned to Germany to create the perfect police state

In the summer of 2018 Germany's state of Bavaria will have the strictest police laws since 1945. Police will henceforth be allowed to carry hand grenades and infiltrate online chats without even suspicion of concrete crimes.

The lines between police and intelligence services will also become unclear. The law is sponsored by the CSU, the sister party of Merkel's CDU and will likely sail through without any resistance.

This plan gives the police unprecedented authority to monitor citizens. Experts are talking about the strictest laws since 1945. It has all the hallmarks of a combined police and intelligence service. The executive will be allowed to investigate without any indication of a crime.

Police officers will be allowed to confiscate letters, search IT-systems, deploy undercover personnel and carry body cameras. The opposition is protesting but largely in vain due to the majority the CDU-CSU has in the state parliament.

"Migrants" waging demographic warfare against German nation . . .

Migrant baby boom causes highest birth rate in Germany in 40 years

A large increase in the number of these births were registered among migrant women. They were having 25 per cent more babies totalling 184,660, while an increase of 3 per cent was seen among women with German citizenship, who had 607,500 babies.

While the birth rate among German women rose from 1.43 to 1.46, the number skyrocketed among migrant women, who experienced a rise from 1.95 to 2.28.

Volkswagen Forced to Employ Jihadist

Volkswagen has been ordered by a German court to reinstate a suspected Islamist militant it fired over fears he might launch a terrorist attack on the company.

Samir B., 30, worked as a tyre fitter at Volkswagen’s plant in Wolfsburg, 55miles east of Hanover, and was fired in 2016 after threatening co-workers and pledging to join ISIS in Syria.

Arab Gangs Targeting Berlin Police with Threats and Sex Rumours to Intimidate Officers

Arab criminal gangs operating in Berlin have been accused of targetting individual police officers with threats, including spreading rumours of sexual encounters with prostitutes, in order to intimidate or take revenge on officers.

Over the past several years, the power of Arab family organised crime gangs in Berlin has increased substantially as they have largely taken over the city's drug and prostitution trade. According to a new report, the gangs are now using their power to threaten and intimidate authorities to stop investigations, German media reports.

Food Bank That Serves Only German Citizens Not Good, Merkel Says

Essener Tafel, which provides food to about 16,000 people a day in Essen, Germany, began to bar foreigners from using their services because they were taking 75 percent of the food. In order to be served, people coming to the food bank must show proof of German citizenship with a passport.

Although the charity says it is a temporary measure to deal with a crisis of supply, that hasn't stopped critics from slamming the decision or local vandals from defacing the group's vehicles with graffiti decrying "Nazis."

German Journalist: More and more citizens wake up and realize that something is totally wrong here

Everything was aimed at closing German borders in mid-September and not letting anyone in anymore. The only reason that didn't happen was that no one in the government wanted to take responsibility for the decision and the "ugly" pictures that would have been made.

In retrospect, Angela Merkel then made it look as if she was acting out of conviction and stood behind this decision for "humanitarian reasons". In truth, the government had lost control and does not want to admit it.

Workers of Germany, Unite: The New Siren Call of the Far Right (sic)

How is a far-right party drawing voters from labor, a traditional bastion of the left? The question is not academic, but goes directly to the heart of the emerging threat the AfD presents to Germany's political establishment, including Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The AfD shocked Germany in the fall when it became the first far-right party to enter Parliament since World War II. But that breakthrough not only shattered a significant postwar taboo. It has also enormously complicated the task of forming a new governing coalition, leaving Germany and all of Europe in months of limbo.

German city bans new refugees as anti-migrant mood increases

An eastern German city has imposed a temporary ban on new refugees in an effort to stem a number of recent violent incidents.

Cottbus, about 120 kilometres southeast of Berlin, has been rocked by violence from refugees and right-wing extremists since the start of this year.

Earlier this week, Brandenburg state police reported that two male Syrian teenagers were arrested under the suspicion of injuring a German teenager in the face with a knife.

The 16-year-old sustained non life-threatening injuries in what started as an altercation between Syrian and German school acquaintances near a tram station.

The incident happened just days after a group of three Syrian asylum seekers, aged 14, 15 and 17 years old, attacked a man and his wife outside a shopping centre, according to a police statement. The 15-year-old was handed a “negative residency permit” by authorities, effectively ordering him and his father to leave the city.

German far-right Reich Citizens planning own army, preparing for 'Day X'

Many members of the group are considered to be on the extreme right. They maintain that the old German Reich - which ceased to exist in 1945 after the capitulation of Nazi Germany - should be restored in its pre-1937 borders, which included large swathes of land in Poland, Czech Republic and other neighboring countries.

In the past, members of the Reichsbuerger movement were often perceived as eccentric conspiracy theorists, but a string of attacks on police prompted the German government to take aim at the extremists.

The radical movement made headlines both nationwide and internationally in October last year, when a 47-year-old gun enthusiast, Wolfgang P., shot and killed a rapid response police officer on his doorstep.

Anti-Hate Speech law backfires in Germany

Germans Rage As New Hate Speech Law Backfires

by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge - January 7, 2018
"Spare Us The Thought Police!" Germans Rage As New Hate Speech Law Backfires | Zero Hedge
"The law against online hate speech failed on its very first day. It should be abolished immediately," Reichelt wrote, adding that the law was turning AfD politicians into "opinion martyrs".

As we reported recently, in what was officially a noble attempt to eliminate online hate speech in social media, and unofficially a devious crackdown on free speech, on January 1, 2018, Germany passed a law that forces websites to censor content deemed illegal under the new law and have it deleted within 24-hours. Ironically, as we observed last week, just hours after the law's passage it immediately backfired when it claimed its first victim, a German satirical magazine's Twitter account which "parodied anti-Muslim comment."

Incidentally, this perfectly predictable if "totally unexpected" outcome is exactly what we, and many others had warned would happen. And now, it is finally dawning on Germany that any time the government gets involved in defining what is allowed and what isn't - especially when it comes to that most fundamental of liberties, free speech - the result is always a disaster.

According to Germany's top-selling, and most popular newspaper, Bild, the new German law meant to curtail online hate speech is "stifling free speech and making martyrs out of anti-immigrant politicians whose posts are deleted."

The law which took effect on Jan. 1 can impose fines of up to 50 million euros ($60 million) on sites that fail to remove hate speech promptly and threatens the profitability of such social media giants as Twitter and Facebook.

"Please spare us the thought police!" read the headline in Wednesday's Bild above an article that called the law a "sin" against freedom of opinion enshrined in Germany's constitution, Reuters reported.

While the law requires social media sites to delete or block obviously criminal content within 24 hours, Bild Editor-in-Chief Julian Reichelt said it could be applied against anything and anyone since there was no definition of what was "manifestly unlawful" in most cases. Intended to prevent radical groups from gaining influence, "it was having precisely the opposite effect," he warned. "The law against online hate speech failed on its very first day. It should be abolished immediately," Reichelt wrote, adding that the law was turning AfD politicians into "opinion martyrs".

* * *

Two examples where the German law was already applied, included tweets deleted by AfD lawmaker Beatrix von Storch criticising police for tweeting in Arabic, saying they had sought "to appease the barbaric, Muslim, rapist hordes of men". Police have since asked prosecutors to investigate her for possible incitement to hatred.

There was also deleted tweet by another AfD member of parliament, Jens Maier, called Noah Becker - the son of former tennis champion Boris Becker - a "half-nigger".

In response to the criticism, Germany's Justice Minister Heiko Maas defended the law, telling Bild that freedom of opinion did not mean carte blanche to spread criminal content on the internet.

"Calls to murder, threats, insults and incitement of the masses or Auschwitz lies are not an expression of freedom of opinion but rather attacks on the freedom of opinion of others," he said.

Germany is no stranger to limiting free speech: the country has some of the world's toughest laws on defamation, incitement to commit crimes and threats of violence, with prison sentences for Holocaust denial or inciting hatred against minorities. Maas said social networks needed to stick to the law like everyone else, adding: "Those who care about protecting freedom of opinion can't just look on as criminal incitement and threats inhibit the open exchange of views." And so, the government refuses to back down even as the rest of Germany realizes what a profound chilling effect the new law will have on online speech everywhere. Once the lawsuits start flying and the social networks are punished a few hundred million, it will only embolden the critics, who will then lash out again "anything and anyone" because, as the Bild editor correctly noted, "there is no definition of what was manifestly unlawful." Incidentally, this inexplicably broad definition, one which puts any content creator immediately on the defensive, is precisely what the government intended.

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