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Illegal Alien Roberto Garza Palacios Fined $280 After Killing Two Government Agents

Not even illegal aliens are completely above the law, as Roberto Garza Palacios learned the hard way after killing two government agents:

The driver of a Honda Accord that fatally struck an FBI agent and a fire investigator on the side of a Maryland highway has paid a $280 fine, concluding a case of negligent driving lodged against him.

Roberto Garza Palacios, 28, did not have to appear in court and did not receive jail time, according to court records and lawyers involved in the case, which ended with the June 25 payment.

You can mow lawns all day and not make $280. This is a lesson Garza Palacious will not soon forget.

Risks to Lake Mead and Colorado River greatly intensifying

In plain English, the Colorado River cannot support the Third World population explosion that bad government is inflicting on the American Southwest through open borders and a stupid citizenry that has no clue as to the damage being done to the environment by prioritizing feel good immigration policies and urban sprawl over wetlands, fish, wildlife, and domestic food production. The same counter-culture that opposed growth, wanted zero population growth and clean air in the '60s and '70s were neutralized by being told that it is racist to limit migration from around the world into the United States.  It would have been preferable to have limited immigration and been called racist over running out of water, living with toxic air, and destroying the planet.  -- S. Byron Gassaway

29 photos show 100 years of U.S. - Mexico border history

South Texas Border Patrol Agents Overwhelmed by Illegal Border Crossers, Says Agent

California Is Being Sued Because So Few Of Their Public School Children Can Read

When the majority of K-12 students are from Hispanic failed states south of the border and English is a second language, of course the test results will mirror those of students in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Mexico.   When California dropped the ball and failed to defend PROP 187 all the way to the United States Supreme Court while voting for anti-white Democrats -- of course the point would be reached where the schools become a reflection of the demographics of Mexifornia or any other Third World failed state.  

Mexico flooding U.S. with fentanyl, deaths up 540 percent in 3 years

Poverty has risen in American cities in direct proportion to the rise in the migrant (illegal alien) population in those very same cities

This MSN slideshow of the poorest metropolitan areas in the USA maintains political correctness by stating that poverty has risen among Hispanics while omitting the fact that the poverty stricken Hispanic populations themselves have grown due to open borders and lack of enforcement of immigration laws.  The US is actually becoming more Third World and reflective of our poverty stricken neighbors to the south because our government is importing that demographic and its poverty into El Norte.  The MSN report also fails to mention that the high crime in Hispanic areas is due in part to importing MS 13 gangs along with the poor people from Central America and Mexico.

South America has been called the 'Africa of the Americas'.  Photos of Rio Carnival show the demographic horror of the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas -- which Democrats, the Left, Progressives, and the Mexican government want to migrate to the USA.


Rio Carnival 2017 sees millions of revellers take to the streets – as cops clash with drug users in notorious ‘crackland’ district of Sao Paulo

The pomp and circumstance comes against a grim background of recession and crime


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