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Child Sex Trafficking Fastest Growing Crime as Secret Service Agent, Teacher Arrested in Massive Sting

As reports show America's fastest growing crime is child sex trafficking, a nationwide sting nets thousands of predators ensnaring secret service agent and school supervisor in the processWashington, D.C. - This week the U.S. Department of Justice announced the arrest of more than 2,300 suspected child sex offenders, including a member of the U.S. Secret Service, and identified nearly 400 abused children during the three-month operation that ended in May. Of those arrested, 195 were suspected of producing child pornography or committing child sexual abuse.

"No child should ever have to endure sexual abuse," Attorney General Jeff Sessions noted in a Justice Department press release. "And yet, in recent years, certain forms of modern technology have facilitated the spread of child pornography and created greater incentives for its production. We at the Department of Justice are determined to strike back against these repugnant crimes. "

Mexican drug cartels use stolen horses to move black tar heroin into the United States of America, helping to fuel the "opioid crisis."



#CBP officers make significant methamphetamine seizure at #PortOfNogales.

The Mexican ruling "elite" in collusion with drug cartels is waging war against the US using narcotics, meth, and demographic warfare to slowly and inexorably bring the US down to the level of the Spanish speaking failed states of Central America and Mexico.

#CBP officers make significant methamphetamine seizure at
#PortOfNogales. $809K worth of drug found co-mingled with shipment of mangoes. #OFO #PawsOnPatrol #AlwaysVigilant Details:

MS-13 spreads to 22 states, fed by 300,000 illegals, DACA recipients, tied to 207 murders

The vicious MS-13 gang, [allegedly] stifled under former President George W. Bush, exploded during the Obama era fueled by 300,000 illegals, including those given amnesty under the DACA program, and has now been linked to crimes in 22 states, according to a new report.

Since 2012, 207 murders have been tied to the gang called “Mara Salvatrucha,” and there are over 500 cases nationwide of MS-13 members being charged in major crimes, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Detailing how the gang rebuilt itself under Obama’s open-border immigration policies, she said, “this resurgence represents a very serious threat to public safety in communities where MS-13 has rebuilt itself. The resurgence is directly connected to the illegal arrival and resettlement of more than 300,000 Central American youths and families that has continued unabated for six years, and to a de-prioritization of immigration enforcement in the interior of the country that occurred at the same time.”

The research she supervised at the immigration think tank found that MS-13 concentrations were in areas where so-called “unaccompanied alien children” were put under Obama, including Virginia, California, Maryland and New York. They included those participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals who Democrats in Congress are fighting for.


Colorado Heroin Ring Arrests Highlight Illegal's Role in U.S. Crime

Six people - most of whom had been deported previously - have been charged with participating in a heroin ring in Colorado.

Jefferson County District Attorney Pete Weir announced the 61-count indictment on Thursday....

Fred Elbel, co-director of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, told LifeZette the bust highlights the need for a tougher approach to illegal immigration.

"It should come as no surprise that individuals apprehended in the heroin ring are predominantly illegal aliens," Elbel said. "A reasonable response at this time would be to secure America's border and to implement mandatory E-Verify so that illegal aliens will not be able to displace American workers."

... According to the indictment, Fermin Flores-Rosales, 41, collected the money and on occasion wired it outside of the country....

"This indictment and the dismantling of this heroin ring goes a long way toward stopping the flow of heroin into our community," Weir said in a statement. "This is a great example of teamwork between local and federal law enforcement agencies in Colorado."...

"We don't even know what the statistics are in sanctuary cities because we don't have data," he said. "We don't know what we don't know."

Michael Cutler, a former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) agent who served for a decade on an interagency drug task force, said there is no reliable way to determine that because the government does not keep track of it and some states and municipalities actively obscure the residency status of people in jails....

President Donald Trump's administration, which last month released data showing that about 20 percent of federal inmates were born in foreign countries, has committed to trying to build a national database of the immigration status of people incarcerated at the federal, state and local levels.

Immigration, Law Enforcement, and Human Trafficking

Furthermore illegal alien workers who are willing to work for substandard wages under substandard, indeed illegally dangerous conditions, not only displace lawful immigrant and American workers but ultimately create downward pressure on wages of all workers who are similarly employed.

Flooding America with Third World workers who bring with them Third World expectations of wages and working conditions is turning America into a Third World country.

Now that is a story worth reporting on, but one that is not likely to appear on the evening news tonight, or any other night.

> Stores in MASSIVE Move... But Look What the Media's Hiding
> by Top Right News on June 1, 2017
> by Brian Hayes | Top Right News
> President Trump unleashed ICE once again this week, this time
> deploying its Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit, along with
> the DEA to arrest dozens of convenience store owners across 4 states.
> Over 60 people were arrested, and already 35 of them have been
> indicted by a Federal grand jury, with federal conspiracy charges for
> money laundering, distributing controlled substances and trafficking
> contraband cigarettes.
> The AP carried this story: The suspects conspired for more than 2
> years to buy contraband cigarettes in St. Louis, a low tax market,
> while transporting and distributing
> them in Chicago, Illinois, and New Jersey, which are high tax markets.
> The store owners are accused of using several convenience stores that
> they operated to create the appearance of legal cigarette purchases.
> Illegal profits form the contraband cigarette sales were laundered
> through accounts associated with the stores, and used to manufacture
> and distribute illegal controlled substances.
> A synthetic drug, K-2, was sold every day from a handful of the
> convenience stores. Authorities said the store owners manufactured
> synthetic drugs themselves by importing chemicals from China. "The
> collaboration with our federal and local law enforcement partners is
> the key to breaking criminal enterprises in this area," said Special
> Agent in Charge James M. Gibbons of HSI Chicago.
> "Synthetic drugs that are sold as substitutes for cocaine and
> methamphetamine, are neither legal nor safe," said James P. Shroba,
> Special Agent in Charge of the DEA St. Louis Division. "These
> substances were never intended for human consumption and only serve to
> satisfy the avarice of the seller." If convicted, the defendants face
> a maximum of five to 20 years in prison and the a $1 million dollar
> fine.
> But here's what the Associated "Press" didn't think you needed to
> know...the names of those indicted.
> See if you notice any pattern...
> Mohammed Almuttan, aka Abu Ali, 35, St. Louis, MO
> Rami Almuttan, aka Abu Louay, 33, St. Louis, MO
> Hisham Mutan, aka Abu Mohamed, 41, St. Louis, MO
> Saddam Mutan, aka Abu Ali, 24, St. Louis, MO
> Mazin Abdelsalam, aka Abu Mohammad, 38, St. Louis, MO
> Najeh Muhana, aka Abu Yazan, 41, Fairview, NJ
> Fares Muhana, aka Abu Yamama, 40, Cliffside Park, NJ
> Ayoub Qaiymah, aka Abu Faysal, 23, Richmond, VA
> Naser Abid, 23, Chicago, IL
> Yadgar Barzanji, aka Abu Siver, 47, St. Louis, MO
> Wafaa Alwan, 50, St. Louis, MO
> Ahmed Abuali, aka Bazilla, 31, North Bergen, NJ
> Mohammed Kayed, aka Mohammed Fayez, 21, Clifton, NJ
> Momen Abuali, 20, Little Ferry, NJ
> Firat Sevindik, 42, Cliffside Park, NJ
> Mohammed Mustafa, 30, North Bergen, NJ
> Mohammad Karashqah, Abu Yazid, 47, North Bergen, NJ
> Fayez Sheikha, 46, Mishawaka, IN
> Jihad Shihadeh, Abu Malik, 58, Chicago Ridge, IL
> Ismael Abadi, 57, Carol Stream, IL
> Abed Hamed, Abed Fawzan, 39, Greenville, NC
> Maher Hamed, Abu Alazara, 33, Swansea, IL
> Abdel Adi, 25, Oak Lawn, IL
> Muhanad Khatib, Abu Alamin, 36, Chicago, IL
> Eyad Awad, 38, Chicago, IL
> Ismael Mustafa, 60, Kankakee, IL
> Hayder Al Fatli, 40, St. Louis, MO
> Kutlay Guvener, 35, Chicago, IL
> Saad Al Mallak, 30, Dittmer, MO
> Hassan Abdelatif, 29, Collinsville, IL
> Mahajir Naz, 32, St. Louis, MO
> Talal Abuajaj, 23, St. Louis, MO
> Basem Hamdan, aka Abu Ramiz, 57, St. Louis, MO
> Zainal Saleh, 29, St. Louis, MO and
> Ibrahim Awad, 39, St. Louis, MO
> That's right...every single one of the 35 men indicted is Muslim.
> Nothing to see here, huh? And there's more. According to sources, "at
> least 20" of the men are being held on additional "immigration
> detainees" by ICE. That means they are "suspected illegal aliens."
> The AP didn't feel you needed to know that either. I'm sure it just
> slipped their minds. This is just the latest in a continuing series
> of Muslim-owned convenience store criminal enterprises.
> As TRN reported, in 2015 state authorities in Alabama uncovered a
> massive, EBT-for-terrorism scheme in which Muslim-owned convenience
> stores exploited the U.S. welfare system to fund ISIS: The massive
> probe, dubbed Operation T-bone, targeted those they say have been
> cheating the food stamp system to the tune of hundreds of thousands of
> dollars and sending the profits via wire transfer to Yemen, some of
> which is suspected to have funded Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist
> activity.
> And back then it was the Alabama D.A. who led the investigation - not
> the Obama keystone cops, who strangely had nothing to do with that
> bust.
> All 11 stores shut down by authorities were Muslim-owned.
> There is a long history of Muslims using welfare systems for criminal
> activity, as well as purposely abusing the system. As we reported in
> 2013, a prominent Muslim cleric called on Muslim immigrants in Western
> nations to purposely collect government welfare as a so-called "Jihad
> Seeker's Allowance." But during the last 8 years the Obama
> Administration has neglected the problem, whether deliberately or from
> incompetence.
> It's nice to see the new administration is not wasting any time in
> bringing these criminals to justice

A Cop Speaks Out: Illegal Mexican Nationals Murdered My Buddy Execution-style in Arizona

Retired Phoenix Police Detective Robert Arce is speaking out about the execution-style murder of a federal agent with whom he closely worked. His slain friend, DEA Special Agent Richard Fass, was murdered by illegal aliens near Phoenix, Arizona.

"My friend begged for his life as illegal aliens from Mexico handcuffed him and murdered him. They didn't care that he was pleading for his life and his loved ones," said Officer Arce.

Cartels are growing marijuana illegally in California and there's a war brewing

Even as California embraces the booming legal marijuana market, though, it is also seeing an explosion in illegal cultivation, much of it on the state’s vast and remote stretches of public land. National forests and even national parks have seen a surge in large-scale illegal “trespass grows,” some with tens of thousands of plants spread across dozens of acres. As much as 80 percent of illegal pot eradicated in California is grown on federal lands, and that’s just the fraction that authorities find. (Trespass grows occur in other states in the American West, and even in remote areas back east, but at nowhere near the scale of California.) 

The surge has overwhelmed land-management and law-enforcement agencies, whose resources are already stretched thin. Here in the Plumas National Forest, for instance, three USFS officers have to cover some 4,600 square kilometers (1,790 square miles). That’s why so many different agencies are cooperating on this raid.

As the executive director of the non-profit Integral Ecology Research Center (IERC), Gabriel’s usual purview is studying ecosystems and their inhabitants, from big cats to endangered invertebrates. He never expected to find himself packing heat and creeping through the forest, let alone facing other threats to his and his family’s safety. But he has taken up the challenge because of illegal pot growing’s insidious side effects: The lethal poisons growers use to protect their crops and campsites from pests are annihilating wildlife, polluting pristine public lands, and maybe even turning up in your next bong hit.

Residents Shocked Local Walmart Transforming into Illegal Immigrant Shelter

South Texas residents are concerned over a local Walmart transforming into yet another shelter for illegal immigrants.

The shuttered retail building situated in Brownsville will re-open in March to house an undisclosed number of illegal immigrants under the age of 17, claimed a representative for the non-profit group Southwest Key Programs.

The group contends the shelter is necessary to house the immigrant influx entering the US illegally via Mexico from Central American nations, according to KRGV News.

The facility is reportedly the 4th of its kind in Brownsville and the 7th shelter to be built in Cameron County.



Smuggling leads to 

Fire loss of Habitat 
Killing of ranchers cattle 
Loss of Personal property Vehicle Theft 
Loss of Personal privacy 
Death [Paul Reithmeyer]





Photos taken in Arizona

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