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Poverty has risen in American cities in direct proportion to the rise in the migrant (illegal alien) population in those very same cities

This MSN slideshow of the poorest metropolitan areas in the USA maintains political correctness by stating that poverty has risen among Hispanics while omitting the fact that the poverty stricken Hispanic populations themselves have grown due to open borders and lack of enforcement of immigration laws.  The US is actually becoming more Third World and reflective of our poverty stricken neighbors to the south because our government is importing that demographic and its poverty into El Norte.  The MSN report also fails to mention that the high crime in Hispanic areas is due in part to importing MS 13 gangs along with the poor people from Central America and Mexico.

Armored Car Hits Crowd as Venezuela Riots Leave 300 Injured

A Venezuelan national guard armored vehicle careened into a crowd of anti-government demonstrators in Caracas on a day of furious protests that left more than 300 people injured.

The newspaper El Nacional published videos Wednesday showing the vehicle backing up as a gasoline bomb burst on its windshield. Crowds raced toward the vehicle and then suddenly fled as it advanced, and masked soldiers battled protesters in a chaotic melee. Rocks, bottles, shots and tear gas filled the air. One person was confirmed dead in Caracas.

Exodus By Puerto Rican Medical Students Deepens Islands Doctor Drain

Physicians opt out of Puerto Rico for many reasons: Nearly 4 in 10 people in the commonwealth are insured through Medicaid managed-care programs, but payments for doctors and hospitals are a third less than the average payments by Medicaid managed-care organizations on the mainland. Most Medicare patients also use the private alternative — Medicare Advantage plans — but their reimbursements are well below mainland rates too.

The low payments are compounded by a $70 billion debt crisis in Puerto Rico. Last summer, Congress established an oversight board charged with saving the island’s economy. Its fiscal plan released in March calls for more cuts to provider reimbursements and fewer benefits for Medicaid enrollees, adding pressure to an economic recession that has helped drive thousands of physicians off the island.

To cauterize the bleeding, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló signed into law a measure that lowers physicians’ income taxes to 4 percent if they complete 180 hours of medically related community service or compensated care to Medicaid patients.

For medical students Reyes and Rafael Cardona, the uncertainty presents a large risk in deciding where to seek their medical residency and become licensed physicians.

As they near the end of their academic training and weigh their options, both are struggling to find a reason to stay.

Although Puerto Rico is an American possession or territory, it's residents are US citizens and enjoy the same benefits that residents of the District of Columbia and most US states enjoy.  The difference is that Puerto Rico is majority non-White, with a demographic mix that more accurately reflects the kind that states such as Maryland, Georgia, Texas and California aspire to create through sanctuary city policies, sanctuary state designation, open borders and non-enforcement of immigration laws.  Therefore, Puerto Rico's current economic woes offer a snapshot of what the mainland United States will look like in the year 2050 when "Hispanics" become the majority, if current trends continue. -- Webmaster

Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy. Here's how it will unfold

Saddled by mountainous debts and undermined by rapid population loss, Puerto Rico filed for the equivalent of bankruptcy protection Wednesday in a historic move that will trigger a fierce legal battle, with the fate of the island's citizens, creditors and workers at stake.

The oversight board appointed to lead the U.S. territory back to fiscal sustainability declared in a court filing that it is "unable to provide its citizens effective services," crushed by $74 billion in debts and $49 billion in pension liabilities.

The filing casts a shadow of uncertainty over the future of Puerto Rico pensioners, American retirees who own the island's debt, institutional investors who backed the island in good times and businesses with lucrative contracts.

South America has been called the 'Africa of the Americas'.  Photos of Rio Carnival show the demographic horror of the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas -- which Democrats, the Left, Progressives, and the Mexican government want to migrate to the USA.


Rio Carnival 2017 sees millions of revellers take to the streets – as cops clash with drug users in notorious ‘crackland’ district of Sao Paulo

The pomp and circumstance comes against a grim background of recession and crime

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South African Defense Forces "Buffel"

Tolerance is suicide. A state of war exists. Know it. Immigration--migration--is the weapon being used against you. What are you going to use to fight back? Love? Compassion? Empathy? Or an AR-15?

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