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Demographic War in Canada Against Whites

Scissors hijab attack on 11yo girl that triggered outcry did not happen say Canadian police

An 11-year-old girl claimed on Friday that a man twice tried to cut off her hijab as she walked to school with her brother. Police say the investigation is now concluded and "the events described in the original news release did not happen." It's still not clear (to clueless libtards) why the girl reported the false incident.

The story captured national attention and (the fake attack) was denounced by Prime Minister Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory.

Canada Abolishes Itself

Canadian undergraduates are assured by their history textbooks that “from the very beginning, the land that became Canada was a multiracial place, the destination of a constant flow of new immigrants of varying ethnicities.” The purpose of such deception is, of course, to disarm any skepticism about current Third World immigration by making it appear to be a mere continuation of Canadian history. One aspect of the deception is to broaden the term “immigrant” to include pioneers coming to a wilderness, not people merely moving from one country to another.

Today’s textbooks begin with highly positive accounts of the “First Nations” who “lived in a reciprocal relationship with nature,” “exhibited none of the negative features of capitalistic society,” and had tools “superior to what the Europeans could offer.” Contemporary historians like to accuse their predecessors of “suppressing” Indian “voices,” but as Prof. Duchesne points out, all of their own sources are European as well. What is new is not that the Indians have been freed to speak for themselves, but that white historians are now determined to use them as “pawns to serve contemporaneous political agendas.”


Trudeau Welcomes ISIS Terrorists Back to Canada

The good news is that civilization has struck back; ISIS has been losing big in Iraq and Syria. The bad news is that many of the terrorists who brought hell to earth in that region are actually citizens of Western nations, i.e., products of Islamic colonization. Now they are headed “home,” battle hardened, experienced, and even more radicalized than they were when they set off to murder and rape on behalf of the caliphate. Islamophile leftists like Justin Trudeau welcome them with open arms.

Government’s Proposal to Ramp Up Immigration                                    Levels is Misguided

Madeline Weld, President
Population Institute of Canada
The Canadian government announced in October that it would significantly increase the intake of immigrants to Canada for each of the next three years, with minimum levels of 300,000 each year. Since 1990, Canada has been accepting approximately 250,000 – and sometimes more – newcomers each year. In 2017, 75% of Canada’s population growth resulted from immigration.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen argues that the government’s proposal for even higher levels of immigration would promote economic growth, overcome skills shortages and meet the demographic challenge of an aging population.

Population Institute Canada believes that economic and demographic arguments for growing Canada’s population are on shaky ground, while the negative environmental consequences of its rapid growth are very much in evidence, and growing. We contend that there are no good reasons to grow Canada’s population and many compelling environmental reasons to stabilize and reduce it.

It is true that Canada’s growing population over the past few decades has resulted in a bigger economy. There has, however, been no growth in per capita wealth. The real earnings of the average Canadian worker have not changed, while those of the poorest Canadian workers have fallen.

Economists Herb Grubel and Patrick Grady have calculated that immigrants cost the government $30 billion more in services each year than they pay in taxes. And Immigration Minister Hussen admits that his proposed increase in immigrant intake will cost at least an additional one billion dollars in resettlement expenses each year.

Already, large numbers of young people, many with significant debt loads, face a very challenging job market, one which Finance Minister Bill Morneau has called a “job churn.” Many job seekers, especially young and new Canadians, have few prospects of secure employment and must work multiple contract or part-time positions. They can only dream of better wages, a steady schedule and paid sick days. How, PIC asks, will adding hundreds of thousands of additional job seekers improve the prospects of these Canadians, when increasing automation, the loss of factory jobs to developing economies, and outsourcing are already putting significant pressures on Canada’s workforce?

It has also long been recognized that the problems associated with an aging population cannot be solved through immigration. Among studies showing that immigration, even at high levels, has little effect on Canada’s age structure is a 2006 analysis by the C.D. Howe Institute (No Elixir of Youth: Immigration Cannot Keep Canada Young). It found that to keep a constant dependency ratio, Canada would have to have an unrealistically high intake of immigrants and by 2050 would be taking in 7 million immigrants per year and have reached a population of 165 million. Due to the rapid and unsustainable growth of the human population during the 20th century, all countries will have to deal with an aging population during the coming decades.

In addition, the dependency ratio as currently calculated (number of workers for every person 65 years and older) merits re-examination. No doubt many retired grandparents over 65 years old are helping to subsidize their grandchildren. The fees paid by elderly people in retirement residences support many workers and economists anticipate a large intergenerational transfer of wealth as aging baby boomers die. All these factors complicate the issue of the dependency ratio and suggest that it is simplistic to use number of people over 65 versus the number working as a sole determinant.

Furthermore, many people 65 years of age and older still work, some because they must, others by choice. Thus, designating every person a dependent at 65 is not realistic. It is also relevant to note that significant numbers of newcomers – and of the proposed increase in intake – are in the family reunification category. Many of these are the parents or grandparents of earlier immigrants and are therefore older than the average Canadian and more likely to require the healthcare services paid for by working Canadians.

Clearly, the economic arguments for relentlessly driving population growth through high levels of immigration do not hold up to scrutiny. There is also an increasing awareness that the size of a country’s economy or its GDP is an inadequate measure of its people’s well-being. As Canada’s population grows, more Canadians are having to contend with ever more crowded cities, increased traffic congestion, densification that has eliminated greenspace but not urban sprawl, increasingly stressed infrastructure, rising housing costs, and longer waiting times for healthcare and other government services. The resources of the cities in the southern belt of Canada where most Canadians live, and almost all immigrants settle, are as overstressed as those in cities anywhere in the developed world. What’s more, a growing population is putting enormous pressure on our irreplaceable farmland and very limited fruit-growing areas.

It is wrong to consider Canada as an “empty” country when so much of it is unsuitable for human habitation or incapable of supporting a dense population. The very high per capita “ecological footprint” of Canadians has already badly eroded our biocapacity per individual. For example, the latest (2017) Living Planet Report by the World Wildlife Fund shows a serious and significant decline in wildlife populations as our growing population and demands for space and resources convert wildlife habitat to human uses.

Our finite planet cannot support a continuously growing human population and expanding economies. Canada, too, is finite. And yet as a direct result of government policy, our population is growing as rapidly as the global average of 1.12% annually. The policy to keep expanding our economy by growing our population through immigration is no more sustainable than any other Ponzi scheme. Nor is the government’s planned immigration policy supported by a majority of Canadians – an Angus Reid poll conducted in 2017 found that 57% of Canadians thought that Canada should accept fewer immigrants and refugees (see page 15 of document).

Before increasing immigration levels, PIC believes it incumbent on government to assess the impact of current levels of immigration and the impact that higher levels would have, not only on the economy and the revenue and costs for the government, but also on the environment, climate

Son of East European immigrants reflects on the fall of his Toronto

I just read in my morning newspaper that whites had become a minority in Toronto. My hometown, where I have spent my entire life, is now a majority-minority city:

OTTAWA—Most people in Canada’s biggest city now identify as visible minorities, as new census data shows increasing diversity in Toronto and many of its neighbouring suburban areas.

More than half of respondents to the 2016 census in the City of Toronto — 51.5 per cent — said they’re from visible minority communities, a milestone that was narrowly missed when 49 per cent identified that way in 2011. [Author’s note: visible minority is the Canadian government’s term for non-whites. Peter Brimelow’s use of it in Alien Nation distressed some reviewers.]

A majority of Torontonians now identify themselves as visible minorities, by Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star, October 25, 2017

Pyongyang on the Prairie: Hotels in Winnipeg Deny Admission to White Nationalists

Marxists of color and white useful idiots march against "white supremacy" (sic) in Toronto

Nothing is preventing these anti-White "rights activists" from migrating to the Middle East, Indonesia, Africa, or Haiti where they can enjoy the fruits of living in countries where they would only come across White people who were foreigners visiting as tourists, businessmen or aid workers helping to clean up the mess following a natural disaster that the locals of color are incapable of dealing with.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has asked Ontario school boards to remove the name of Canada’s first Prime Minister (John A. Macdonald) from the front of Ontario schools. This is the latest of the Trudeau-era blood-fests on Canada’s majority population. The reason the teachers have given for their recommendation is this : The Teachers allege that Macdonald was a major figure in a number of policies which caused quasi-genocidal consequences for Canada’s First Nations.
There are many reasons why Ontario Teachers should retreat from this very foolish recommendation :

(1) The effects of Ottawa’s high and unnecessary immigration intake since 1990 on millions of Canada’s majority European-based population (the builders of Modern Canada) are genocidal and will probably make the effects of federal laws against Canada’s First Nations look insignificant. Canada’s people of European descent are the new Indians. Aggressive, recently-arrived colonizers are here to make Canada look like the failed states these newly-arrived came from. If Ontario Elementary teachers are looking for a recommendation to make to Ontario school boards and to Ottawa, how about a new TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION which will uncover the extent of the “NO WHITE MALES NEED APPLY” jobs policy, the poorly-researched Rosalie Abella Employment Equity policy, and the Diversity Hiring policies all across Canada in the public and private sectors.

All of these policies discriminate against Canada’s majority population and have had quasi-genocidal effects on the job aspirations of millions of Canadians. Ironically, a significant number of those who are or will be discriminated against are the offspring of current Ontario Teachers who belong to Canada’s European-based population. If not stopped, Ottawa’s policies will turn Canada’s majority population (millions of Canadians) into a minority. Instead of waiting for 50 years, why not go after the perpetrators of this discrimination while they are alive and can be locked up for a long time.

(2) If Ontario teachers are seriously looking for a Prime Minister to destroy, as they are with Macdonald, they do not have to look very far. Instead of taking aim at a Canada-Builder such as Macdonald, they should have considered the obvious : a Canada-Destroyer and gross incompetent PM such as Trudeau. Shortly after his election in 2015, Trudeau publicly and proudly declared that he was a quisling (traitor). He announced that Canada had no main culture, but only shared values. As far as he was concerned, Canada was the world’s first post-national state. Here is what Trudeau meant : he would not protect Canada’s majority population from the immigration invasion which a previous Prime Minister (his father Pierre Trudeau) had started in the 1960’s and which a later Prime Minister (Brian Mulroney) had institutionalized in 1990. To achieve that goal, Trudeau increased Canada’s intake to 300,000 in 2016 and maintained it for 2017.

If Ontario Teachers are looking for more evidence of his incompetence, they need only look at the foolish announcements he made in early 2017 to potential asylum claimants. Trudeau’s foolishness squarely places the blame for the current illegal immigration mess on the Quebec / New York border on his shoulders. How about Ontario Teachers recommending that the money to pay for this disaster be taken out of his pay check and the bank accounts of those who supported him when he made his statements.

(3) Canada’s education system (as demonstrated by Ontario’s Elementary Teachers and many University Professors) has a systemic bias against people of European origin. So-Called university professors have led the blood-fest—often getting large grants and special academic appointments to perform their treachery. Their view is that Canada’s majority population has an inexcusable history and has no right to exist—-let alone defend itself. In addition, they think that unjustified high immigration should continue and should be allowed to overwhelm Canada’s majority population. Some ethnics will become decent citizens of Canada. However, as a result of unnecessary immigration, Employment Equity and Diversity Hiring policies, a significant number of ethnics have infiltrated the teaching profession at all levels —often with an axe to grind against Canadians of European descent. Ironically, many professors are of European descent, yet they too virtually salivate at the thought of perpetrating another blood-fest on their own kind. The obvious aim of a significant number of Canada’s ethnic groups is to increase their numbers. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, as announced in its sinister Manifesto, their aim is to destroy Canadian society. If Ontario’s teachers are looking for a cause to champion, what better cause is there than one of demanding that Ottawa refuse to allow entry to Muslims who sympathize with the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Here are three examples of bias and outright blunders in one of the history text books used in secondary schools in B.C., Ontario and elsewhere. .

(4) Ontario teachers who think that the Canadian public will hold them in high esteem for passing such recommendations as their recent one against John A. Macdonald are gullible at best. They should be made aware of a recent Angus Reid poll which found that “a strong majority of Canadians in every survey demographic felt that people should ‘take into account the entire life of an individual and principal legacy they left behind’.”
For sensible immigration policies for the 21st century
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The Invasion of Canada

The Syrians, or anyone claiming to be, are coming. So are the Sudanese, Somalis and Haitians. This is an informal border crossing and so the rules that might protect Canada from this horde don't apply. Quebec has become the weakest link in the Canadian border with the vast majority of border migrants invading the "True North" through vulnerable points like the dead end of Roxham Road.

Encouraging Acts of Resistance in Quebec Against Our Replacement

In just one week, there have been at least four encouraging acts of resistance in Quebvec as people speak up against the populatioon changes being wrought by the elite, without the approval or even discussion by the victims, the European founding/settler people of this land.

And, of course, there was an immediate and hysterical denunciation of the protests by politicians who should be respectfully listening to voice of their constituents, not wagging scolding fingers of disaaproval at them.

1. A "White City" banner is hung over a sing outside Saguenay, Quebec,. the mayor dutifully denounces it as "unacceptable"

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature

2. Some sends a package containing a damaged Koran and a note suggesting that a proposed Moslem cemetary be relocated to a pig farm. Okay, a little belligerent and crude, but Quebeckers were never consulted about the importation of people radically different from themselves into the province, nor were other Canadians, for that matter.

3. Voters in the small community of St. Apollinaire are actually given a referendum as to whether they want a Moslem cemetery in their rural backyard. They say no, of course, to massive abuse from Trudeau and others. Here's an idea. Why doesn't Trudeau or Quebec's Moslem cuddling premier allow them to have their cemetery in THEIR backyard?

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor
Sunny Letourneau, leader of opposition to Moslem cemetery in Sainte Apollinaire

4. Finally, and most positively a group calling itself Federation des Quebecois de souche(Old Stock Quebeckers) posted stickers in and around Sherbrooke'

CBC News (July 20, 2017) reported: "In Saint-Honoré, Que., a wooden sign bearing the words 'Saguenay, White City,' in French appeared overnight at the entrance to a cemetery that could offer burial grounds for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region's Muslim community. Saint-Honoré Mayor Bruno Tremblay told CBC News the sign near the cemetery was "unacceptable." ... "I found it very xenophobic," he said. 'We're having it taken down later, I've sent one of our guys from public works,' he said. 'In 2017, we need to be more open-minded than that.'" What does the befuddled mayor mean. The Saguenay is overwhelmingly White. Why should it not remain so? Does the mayor want it to become, say,
overwhelmingly Arab?


"In Sherbrooke, stickers were distributed by the Federation des Quebecois de Souche reading, "They will not silence us" and "Minorities on our land: Never!" The federation was founded in 2007, in the middle of Quebec's reasonable accommodation crisis. Now the group opposes "mass immigration," according to Rémi Tremblay, the group's president." Hard to disagree withat that. Why would we want to be a minority in our own land?

CTV News (July 19, 2017) made a big drama of a protest package sent to a controversial Quebec City mosque. "- A package containing a defaced Qur'an and a note expressing [criticism] lim cemetery project has stoked renewed fears at a Quebec mosque. ... it contained a Qur'an that had been slashed and a note suggesting the Quebec City mosque should use a pig farm as a cemetery.


"I was shocked," Djamai said in a phone interview."

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard condemned the incident, describing it as "unacceptable and repulsive."

"It's hard to prevent the darker sides of human nature," Couillard said in Edmonton as he attended a meeting of the country's premiers. ...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the incident has nothing to do with Quebec or Canadian values.

'In any society, there will be people who are intolerant or racist and I think the challenge of a strong society is to spend our time focusing on where we are similar and not where we are different,"'Trudeau said in Quebec City.

''We consider it to be an attack that is outside of our values and our way of living.'"

What is really "unacceptable" and "outside our values" is imposing radically different people on Canadians, without discussion or our consent.

I am a Canadian and This Is My Story


In the run-up to Dominion Day (now “Canada” Day) you may have come across a series of short video vignettes submitted by “Canadians” to the CBC,  which had encouraged them to “tell your story.”  And so they did, in droves.

But curiously it seemed that only “New “ Canadians were so inclined.  White home-grown, old-stock Canadians who wreaked of normality,  heterosexuality or ‘privilege’ were conspicuous in their absence.  I wonder why?

 The truth is, the CBC is not interested in ordinary Canadians, but extraordinary Canadians. Poster boys for the first post-national state. That is, they  want to showcase the Canadians who cut the politically correct mustard or pass the ideological litmus test.  Only tolerant and enlightened Canadians need apply.  Friends of the CBC, in other words. They do not want  to “reflect” the image of present day Canada as much as depict the image of the Canada they want to see unfold, the Canada of the future, the Canada they are trying to engineer.

Take a look at a sample of the "Canadians" who made to the CBC hit parade, and you will get a flavour of what I am talking about:

 It is abundantly evident that the CBC was not celebrating “Canada” Day, but Immigrant Day. July 1st is all about the deification of the immigrant, coupled with constant reminders of our shameful treatment of indigenous people, just in case we forgot that we too are immigrants or descendants of immigrants, and as such have no moral authority to restrict further immigration.

The message was clear.  Canada is a nation of immigrants.  Immigration is what defines this country.  Perpetual immigration on a grand scale therefore is necessary to validate that contention.  So move over, make way, park your gripes, shut up and smile.

Thus, CBC viewers were subjected to a parade of immigrants “of colour” and an assortment of the fashionably oppressed.  Members of almost every certified victim group.  They told us of their heroic journey to a wonderful ‘welcoming’ country where they could be free to be themselves. They concluded their tales with the same punch line. “This is my story and this is my Canada.”  Indeed it is.

But Canadians of European ancestry have stories to tell too.  The CBC just doesn’t want us to hear them. So in the interest of fair play and “inclusion”, I thought I might post the submissions of the excluded.  The bigoted  ‘basket of deplorables’ whom the CBC deems unworthy of notice and unfit to speak. Stories like these:

My name is Tracy Bennett and I was raped by a Somali taxi cab driver in Edmonton, the city I once knew.  After being shafted by diversity,  I  long  to return to the safety  of a Canada that is long past.  A past that I am told was “white and boring’.   If only I could be bored again. If only I could be bored by less congested  streets, less gridlock, lower rents, affordable housing, fewer ethnic gangs, unlocked doors and social cohesion. I feel unsafe, insecure and disconnected.  This is my story and this is their Canada.

“Halt mass immigration”

My name is Mike Byers.  I grew up in Vancouver, became a journey carpenter and through hard work and dedication,  I eventually established my own home construction company.  At one point there were 20 people in my crew, all paid at union rates.  Then my bids were undercut by Indo Canadian and Chinese contractors who employed untrained foreign born workers , many of them illegal, at cut-rate wages.  My business folded and now I am selling cars in Kamloops.  This is my story and this is now their Canada.

My name is Shelly Peterson.  I once had a dream that I could raise a family and own my own home here in Greater Vancouver, as my parents did.  But even with advanced degrees and well paid professional jobs my partner Mike and I have trouble paying the rent, never mind find the money for a down payment on a small condo unit.  Having kids is out of the question. Mass immigration and laundered Chinese money have sent the city’s real estate prices into the stratosphere, and many of the friends I went to school with have fled the city to find a life elsewhere.   If they do, they often have to settle for work unrelated to their skills or training.  It seems that I will be forced to follow their path.  This is my story and this is now their Canada.

My name is Craig Muller.  I spent most of my life working in the woods as a logger, and I made some good money back in those days.  But after I was injured, and the Workers Compensation Board turned down my claim, I couldn’t put food on table.  I lost my livelihood and my marriage.  Since then I’ve been living on the streets, most of the time.  It’s funny that the government finds money for Syrian refugees but not enough for people like me.  They say they are going to build more social housing units but it will be a drop in the bucket.  I thought maybe that I could stay at the Welcoming Centre but it seems that I am not welcome.  I am not an undocumented immigrant.  No one seems to be able to afford housing in this city and when you look around you can see why.  Too many people are coming in, and most of them are coming in from you know where.  This is my story and this now their Canada.

My name is Barbara Turnbull. Ever since I was a girl, I dreamed of becoming a school teacher.  Nothing in life seemed to be so rewarding.  So when I entered university,  I enrolled in the “Professional Development Program”,  and completed my teacher training.  I sent in applications to school boards across the province, but I could only find an opening in Vancouver.  I found the job more challenging than I ever imagined.  It was not that the class sizes were too high---they were—but that there were so many students who could not speak English adequately.  I was overwhelmed.  Instead of job satisfaction, I experienced frustration, stress and exhaustion.  And I am not alone.  Many other teachers have suffered the same fate.  But whenever we complain to city politicians, they tell us that their hands are tied. The federal government is not providing them with the money and resources to cope with massive numbers of immigrants.  They say that they are not in charge of immigration policy.  But I notice that none of them  lobby to cut immigration intakes.  I can’t take it anymore.   I am looking for another line of work. This is my story and this is now their Canada.

My name is Michael Renwick.  I grew up in Richmond B.C. when it was covered with the best farmland in Canada.  In my youth, nature was close at hand in every corner of the Lower Mainland.  It was a paradise for kids.  We built forts in the woods,  played on vacant lots, fished on the river and cycled on the dykes.   As an adult I became a passionate bird watcher, hiker and conservationist.  However, mass immigration changed everything.  Fighting against development, densification, sprawl,  and destruction of local habitats was a losing battle.  Worst of all, the environmental movement let us down.  Instead of targeting the source of the problem---mass immigration-driven population growth----they attacked symptoms.  They hacked at the branches of evil rather than cut its root.  The Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley I know and loved is gone, replaced by strip malls, big box stores, high rises, condos and subdivisions.  Its population is three times as large as the Healey report of 1997 said was ecologically sustainable.  Saddened  by what transpired,  I  left the city to seek a quite haven  in northern BC.  Another urban refugee.  This is my story and this is their Canada.

My name is Tim Murray.  You know my story.  And you know that this is not my Canada.

Disclaimer:  The people above are fictional but their experiences are real enough to the many who have lived through them.  In this case fiction, as Stephen King said, is the truth inside the lie.

Does demographic displacement advance White genocide in Canada?

Canada's population is 35 million people. Canada accepts roughly 300,000 immigrants every year. 4 out of 5 of Canada's immigrants are visible minorities. Experts state that Canada will be almost 80-percent non-white in less than a century.

Commenter Faith Goldy observes that:

Canadians are constantly reminded that "diversity is our strength"- it's the unofficial motto of Justin Trudeau's administration. But do the numbers indicate real diversity? Or is "diversity" just code for population replacement?

Canada Passes Blasphemy Bill To Silence Critics Of Islam

Despite polls showing that 71% of Canadians would not have voted for the measure, Canada’s Parliament, with the strong backing of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, passed a motion this week 201 to 91 that critics say singles out Islam for special protection. Tabled by Muslim liberal MP Iqra Khalid, M-103 urges the federal government to “condemn Islamophobia” and to “develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.” The term “Islamophobia” is nowhere defined in the motion.

A petition on CitizenGo asking MPs to stop the “restrictive ‘anti-blasphemy’” motion has been signed by 79,500 people.

“This motion will encourage legislation that would criminalize speech deemed ‘islamophobic’ and lay the groundwork for imposing what is essentially a Sharia anti-blasphemy law on all of Canada,” the petition states.

“If that happens, criticism of Islam would constitute a speech crime in Canada,” it states, adding that this “kind of content-based, viewpoint-discriminatory censorship is unacceptable in a Western liberal democracy.”

The Rest…

Imam calling for Jews to be killed in sermon at Montreal mosque

It seems to be no big deal to the police, ACLU, ADL, B'nai Brith-types since it's not WASPs calling for the killings.  The Imam must have brown privilege.

Radical Muslim Immigrant Now In Canadian Parliament Pushing For Anti-Islamophobia Law

The former president of a student association that handed out books which condoned wife beating is now pushing for anti-Islamophobia laws as a member of the Canadian parliament.

Her name is Iqra Khalid. She was born in Pakistan and then moved to Canada in the 1990’s. Now she is a member of the Canadian Parliament where she is pushing for anti-Islamophobia laws.


Schizophrenic Canadian who beheaded bus passenger walks free, won't be monitored

Quebec Mosque Shooting: One Shooter Identified As French-Canadian, One Of Moroccan Heritage

Following January 29's deadly shooting at a Quebec City mosque which killed six people and wounded eight, two suspects were under arrest and according to press reports have been identified: one is a French-Canadian and the other was of Moroccan heritage. One suspect was identified as Alexandre Bissonnette, a French-Canadian, the other as Mohamed Khadir, who is of Moroccan heritage although his nationality was not immediately known.

Archive of deleted Face Boot page of Alexandre Bissonnette (shooter at Quebec mosque)

Justin Trudeau: "I'm a Proud Feminist," Muslims "Essential" to Canada's Success

Asked to comment on the election of Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he's not going to be "shy" about the fact he's a "proud feminist," believes "immigration is a source of strength" and "Muslim Canadians are an essential part of the success of our country."

"Don't be fooled by good-looking liberals": Jane Fonda trashes Trudeau over pipelines

Despite a rousing speech at the Paris climate talks in 2015, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has "betrayed" every one of the commitments he made, according to actor and activist Jane Fonda.

"The lesson is we shouldn't be fooled by good-looking Liberals," she said of the Canadian PM.

Canada's Trump? Right wing politician storms polls as dissatisfaction spreads in Canada

Pediatric surgeon and former cabinet minister Kellie Leitch is gaining support from across her nation placing her as a surprise frontrunner to lead the opposition Conservative Party.  Ms Leitch, like the US president-elect, is railing against immigration and political elites and pushing a hard-right "Canadian values" platform.  The 46-year-old has answered rising discontent in Canada over the sluggish economy and the acceptance of 37,000 Syrian refugees.  Fresh polls show Leitch is ahead of about a dozen candidates in the Conservative leadership election scheduled to be held on May 27, 2017.  The candidate chosen by party members will be their flag bearer for the October 2019 general election, against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's anit-White, Fidel Castro loving Liberals.

Alt-Right Flyers Invade Multicultural Canada
by Fan Jun

A sequence of flyers posted in Toronto and inside mailboxes in Richmond, BC, over the last weeks have occasioned a sequence of paroxysms of rage, totalitarian self-righteousness, and hate crimes investigations across the second largest country of the world.

It all began on a quiet morning when a young White male cuck saw a poster on a tree with the words "Hey, WHITE PERSON, wondering why only white countries have to become 'multicultural'?" and "figured out that diversity only means 'less white people'?" This man, an exemplary law abiding member of the most diverse and most harmonious city ever created in history, was "shocked and disgusted" by these words, and immediately pulled down the flyers, and then notified the police about a potential invasion of Canada by an Alt-Right army.

City councillor Jane Davis, who brags in her Twitter she is "working with you to build our community" backed by a picture consisting of sixteen children of which only two are White, immediately tweeted:

This hate is unacceptable in our City. Staff are removing the posters immediately and investigating who is responsible.

She then called for more immigration to stop the possibility of any White male in the future posting such "very disturbing, very worrisome" ideas.

And so it went for a few days, article after article, TV news after TV news, with Toronto Police Const. Victor Kwong assuring the most harmonious community in human history that the Police had "launched an investigation after speaking to several complainants about the posters."

The investigation would also involve "taking samples" of the bacterial flyers "for analysis" in laboratories.

Even a "spokesman for Toronto's Parks, Forestry and Recreation," Matthew Cutler, was "made aware" of the flyers in case they were found across the forests and parks of Canada. He agreed that they would carry a thorough examination of as many trees as possible, and that all the forestry agents were instructed to "immediately remove them" if they saw them.

Rinaldo Walcott

CBC news announced a police investigation "after posters went up directing people to 'pro-European' news sources" They consulted an expert on pro-European hatred, Rinaldo Walcott, director of the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. After much thinking, he came up with a brilliant analytical conclusion:

Of course the American election has emboldened white nationalist groups in Toronto. Only time will tell how far out of the shadows they will emerge.

You see, Walcott is an exemplary member of our harmonious multicultural nation; all his writings have been about Black Like Who: Writing Black Canada, Contemporary Black Canadian Cultural Criticism, etc. etc. You don't believe me, check his university page, it says with pride that:

in all of Rinaldo's research and publication he focuses on Black cultural politics; histories of colonialism in the Americas, multiculturalism, citizenship, and diaspora; gender and sexuality; and social, cultural and public policy.

And why not, how else are you are going to create a harmonious Canada if not by eliminating pro-European ideas and establishing pro-Black ideas?

Nate Erskine-Smith, the member of parliament for Beaches-East York, announced with solemn words and self-righteous indignation:

We are better than this. Ignorant, unacceptable and #NotMyCanada.

Even Marilyn Mayo, Research Fellow in ADL's Center on Extremism, was asked to comment about this major course of events in Canada. She had no doubt these flyers were "in favour of a politics that embraces either implicit or explicit racism or white supremacy," and that an Alt-Right movement was now threatening the entire fabric of Canada's exemplary multicultural harmony.

The Huffington Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, and countless others would go on ad nauseum with similar stories, similar reactions, and similar experts.

Then, a few days later, another massive shock hit the other side of the country: Alt-Right Pamphlets Come to Richmond Targeting Chinese People. How could this be, how did White men manage to penetrate this stronghold of harmonious multiculturalism, a city that is now majority Chinese, with Chinese commercial signs everywhere, and barely any audible English on the streets?

One resident, "who feared possible retribution" by White soldiers if named by the Richmond News said:

I was horrified, absolutely horrified. I thought, is this real? Oh my gosh, this is what's happening in the United States right now. I just couldn't believe this was happening.

Don't worry, Cpl. Dennis Hwang assured residents that

the Richmond RCMP will take all matters that may be hate or bias motivated very seriously. We are currently investigating this incident.

"I'm pissed that someone thought this was acceptable," said another resident. What the establishment found most unacceptable indeed was the way this poster "alludes to ethnic Chinese people refusing to speak English and making housing prices unaffordable," and suggesting that "white people are being marginalized" in such a successful example of multicultural diversity as Richmond.

Don't these White supremacists know that Richmond is "the centre of a global demographic explosion virtually unprecedented in human history"? Can't they understand that multiculturalism has worked in this city, "no other city in Canada has a population in which 62 per cent of permanent residents are foreign born?"

Are they not aware that University of Victoria urban geographer David Chenyuan Lai has counted more than "50 bustling Asian-themed malls and outlets"? Can't they see that giant houses called "McMansions" are "steadily replacing" the boring "small bungalows" of White families?

How could they possibly target the Chinese when Richmond, six years ago, as of 2011, finally became 54.6 percent Chinese, and only 26.1 percent White? Is this not a major success signalling ever growing harmony?

Well, if pro-European men can't see that this is a success, the establishment will ensure that it is, and so CEO Queenie Choo has announced that S.U.C.C.E.S.S. will hold a massive forum in the new year "over anti-immigrant sentiment." S.U.C.C.E.S.S. is especially designed "to assist new immigrants with settlement; provide counselling and support to families and individuals with personal issues" and re-educating the White population into accepting without any racist complaints their demographic replacement in Canada as the most successful thing that could ever happen for the sake of multicultural harmony.

How dare you Whites put posters disrupting the incredible success of multicultural Canada! How dare you wonder why only White countries are being forced to become racially diverse? How dare you question your marginalization? Tired of being called a racist if you question this success? You bet we will call you a racist if you express "pro-European" views rather than our pro-Chinese and pro-Black views.
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The moonbats running Canada make it difficult for women to defend themselves even with pepper spray, never mind firearms. They can get up to 3 years in prison and a $500,000 fine for giving a rapist a squirt.

Canadian Patriots to Islamic Invaders: "Keep Your Barbaric Ways in Your 7th Century Homeland"

What a nasty, constipated regime is the land of political correctness. Carefully, examine the poster below. Do you see anything there about Whites being supreme or any attack on other races? No, the poster simply ticks off some of the anti-White notions of political correctness.

However, various hysterics, including two politicians are blaming Donald Trump (we`re pretty sure he didn`t post them) and denouncing them as `racists`and ``hate.

"'I was absolutely floored," (resident Kevin¸)Kerr said. He tweeted photo of the poster, saying he was 'disgusted by racists empowered by (Donald Trump).'

The signs were quickly denounced on social media by many, while others questioned whether the poster was racist, in some cases citing free speech.

Ward 31 councilor Janet Davis was notified of the sign and said city staff would be removing the posters.

'This hate is unacceptable in our city,' Davis tweeted. 'Staff are removing the posters immediately and investigating who is responsible.'

Nate Erskine-Smith, the member of parliament for Beaches-East York, also condemned the sign. 'We are better than this. Ignorant, unacceptable and #NotMyCanada,' he tweeted.

Toronto Police spokesperson Victor Kwong said police have received many reports about the signs and have taken them down.

'This report will be furthered to see whether or not it is a crime or not,' Kwong said. 'We're looking into it.'`` Toronto Star, November 14, 2016)

And what is unacceptable, Sir:standing up for White rights, not wanting to be blamed for the shortcomings of others or not wanting to be swamped by people of radically different culture.

How pathetic! The Toronto Police Service actually has time to go around ripping down political signs and now must decide whether expressing a political opinion is a `hate crime`.

The Trump Revolution can`t come to Canada fast enough!

Donald Trump has focused repeated attention on the lying, hopelessly biased Mainstream Media or Lamestream Media. To whom does the Star reporter go to find out about Alt-Right? A U.S. spokesman like Jamie Kelso of `The Trump Phenomenon (a daily radio show on RBN, 9:00 p.m. nightly) or Jared Taylor of even me. No, the reporter goes to a mortal enemy of White Identity and free speech, the Jewish lobby group, ADL.! ``'Marilyn Mayo, a research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism, described the alt-right movement as "a loose network of people who promote white identity, and reject mainstream conservatism in favour of a politics that embraces either implicit or explicit racism or white supremacy." She is not surprised it has appeared in Canada.

Toronto city staff are investigating after signs targeting white people 'sick of being blamed for all the world's problems' and urging them to 'join the alt-right' were spotted around the city on Monday morning.
Toronto city staff are investigating after signs targeting white people 'sick of being blamed for all the world's problems' and urging them to 'join the alt-right' were spotted around the city on Monday morning. (KEVIN KERR)


Flyer circulated in Richmond by Immigration Watch Canada

B.C. Premier Christy Clark who sat back and did virtually nothing as Metro Vancouver house prices soared into the stratosphere is once more demonstrating that she is a Province-Wide "Disgrace".


She has just proclaimed that a recent flyer circulated in Richmond is a "disgrace".


Now, dear me, we like to be polite, but if anyone is to be summarily condemned for being a disgrace, it is Clark. Over and over for several years , she was called on to intervene in Metro Vancouver's astronomic housing price crisis, but she and her government as well as most other politicians of every party and at every level of government engaged in gross negligence.


They claimed they did not have enough information to act, but experts have shown they had ample information to do something. Instead, Clark took the advice of the corrupt real estate industry and let the real estate market go into a frenzy. The negligence of her and the rest of the political class has created one of the most expensive housing markets in the world.


Clark's government has introduced a 15% tax but the damage of their gross negligence will endure. This is a grossly unjust financial burden for hundreds of thousands of Metro Vancouver residents. Unless a major economic crash occurs, that burden will last far into the future both for renters now facing escalating rents and for home owners who are now saddled with huge mortgages.


Governments which commit such crimes against their own citizens on such a basic need as shelter are not just true "disgraces" . They are criminals and deserve to be treated as criminals.


It is hard to believe that Clark and all the other politicians had not heard about the work of UBC Professor David Ley, whose book "Millionaire Migrants" showed that relentless immigration was the major cause of astronomic house prices.


It is also hard to believe that Clark was not aware of David Ley's revelation that there was an extremely high statistical correlation amounting to cause and effect between immigration and Metros' high housing prices. Clark could have used Ley's research and complained to Ottawa that Canada did not need almost all of the immigrants it was taking and that a dramatic reduction in immigration was necessary, but she did not.


It is also hard to believe that Clark was not aware of David Ley's revelations about a particular kind of immigration : the Business Immigrant Programme. That programme had resulted in several hundred thousand Business Immigrants and their families coming to Metro Vancouver.


Ley also showed that these wealthy people, most of whom were Chinese, did not fulfill their obligation to start businesses here and employ Canadians. In fact, almost all of them and their families made it clear from the beginning that they were in Canada to sit back, plunder and parasitize Canada.


It's now time for Canada to collect the huge amounts IN BACK TAXES that it is owed by these people or to take measures to remove them.


It is also hard to believe that Clark was unaware of the revelations of UBC Professor Daniel Hiebert. He stated these people were declaring income at the level of some of the poorest areas in Canada. This meant that they were paying little if any Income Tax and undoubtedly hiding their offshore earnings.


In other words, these big-money off-shore migrants were plundering and parasitizing Canada's education, health and other Canadian infrastructure. For the sake of grossly negligent Clark, her government and most other politicians, Hiebert prepared a map showing where many of these new arrivals were living. Almost all were residing in the most expensive areas of Metro Vancouver in very expensive houses, some of which could be described as mansions.


It is also hard to believe that Clark and her colleagues have not heard about the investigative work done by journalists such as Douglas Todd, Kathy Tomlinson, Sam Shepherd and others who have demonstrated that our politicians and Canada's Gatekeepers (FINTRAC, the CRA and Canada's Department of Immigration) have allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants as well as offshore speculators to abuse Canada's tax and immigration system in order to launder dirty money from places like China.


Former Richmond Mayor Greg Halsey-Brandt was the first of only a few politicians to state that Canada was being cheated. The vast majority of politicians have been silent and have done nothing. The cheaters have interpreted politicians' silence to mean that politicians approve of tax evasion or are afraid of offending the cheaters and fearful of endangering votes from the cheaters.


Here are some big questions for Premier Gross Negligence Clark to answer:


Does she intend to ask the police investigate UBC Professors David Ley and Daniel Hiebert, and journalists like Douglas Todd, Kathy Tomlinson and Sam Shepherd for hate crimes? That is, for revealing facts that grossly negligent, politically correct politicians hate to hear? For their shining light on the foul if not brazenly criminal actions of Wealthy Chinese cheaters? For daring to point to the Asian elephant in the room?


It is time that we forced the cheaters to pay for their tax evasion, overturned their table and cast them and their political enablers in Victoria out of B.C.'s TEMPLE.
For sensible immigration policies for the 21st century

Second Nations: Justin Trudeau And The Fall of Anglo-Canada

By Brad Salzberg

The Chinese have a nickname for Trudeau “Little Potato”
As most Canadians realize, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau became prime minister of our country as of October 19th, 2015. What is less understood, however, are the social ramifications of this federal election. Lost among the photo opportunities, international grandstanding and playboy showmanship is the fact that our prime minister is working an agenda to alter the destiny of our nation.

Trudeau’s ascension to his political throne marks the beginning of the end of what is commonly referred to as English Canada. It is more than obvious that Canada’s national heritage — in particular its English and French identity — is entirely irrelevant to Trudeau, his cabinet, and more than likely the entire Liberal caucus. Over the course of his first year in office, Justin has yet to reference, recognize, or even speak of Canada’s English and French cultural heritage — an ominous sign, indeed.

As we prepare to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada, it is likely the event will also represent the final chapter of our 150- year era of European-derived governance. First-past-the-post, a voting system of British derivation, may well go the way of the dinosaur. No referendum, no public approval — in other words, entirely representative of a brand of pseudo-democracy only a Trudeau government has the nerve to impose. The Liberal’s gender parity initiative, and no doubt its forthcoming offspring “ethnic” parity, have introduced social engineering to government. Furthermore, the result of Trudeau’s bold assertion that Canada “has no dominant culture” serves as an effective catalyst for the dissolution of Anglo-Canada. Mass third world immigration will resolve the demographic component. Multicultural policy will ensure ideological success, while rampant political correctness will muzzle those daring to oppose the agenda.

In basic terms, our prime minister has decided that “international” Canada will take it from here. That is, Justin Trudeau has decided — and not the Canadian people. Oddly enough, it was Justin’s father who in the very same manner made a decision to cancel our bi-cultural identity and replace it with official multiculturalism. No public consultation. Again, no referendum. Ironically, the very same dynamic is putting the final nail in the cultural coffin of English Canada — namely, the will of yet another maverick prime minister by the name of Trudeau.

So what of our future? We begin to gain insight when considering the Liberal government’s fervent dedication to the Nation of Islam. One billion dollars to import and fund Muslim refugees. The denial of any association between terrorism and Islam. A refusal to label the mass murder of Christians in the Middle East as genocide. The reinstatement of Canadian citizenship for convicted terrorists.

Next up, the appeasement of South Asian communities — mainly in the province of Ontario. Doubling family reunification numbers. Incessant pandering to the Sikh community. Fast-tracking first generation and migrant South Asian politicians into positions of power.

With Trudeau’s recent trip to China, the picture is now complete. In a manner not unlike a political second coming, the Chinese media have gone Lady Gaga over our global playboy of a prime minister. Six new visa offices created. Over a billion dollars worth of new business partnerships. Integration into China’s state-owned banking industry. Approvals for their government to buy up Canadian resources and real estate. 

All the while, Canada’s economic vital signs have been dropping like a barometer on a frosty Nunavut morning. Within Trudeau-land, fiscal stability is inconsequential. What is far more important is that the international community have their globalist hero. Unfortunately for our country’s growing social conservative movement, heroism and Justin Trudeau remain entirely incongruous.

By way of our Liberal government, within a single generation all traditional components of Canadian society will be sublimated. Our official languages will be rendered meaningless. The poor will become the destitute, as lower income Canadians morph into an underclass previously reserved for our First Nations communities. All the while, wealthy of the third world will join rich Canadians to form a post-modern Canadian elite, as the lower and middle classes continue their downward slide toward full marginalization within Canadian society.

Sound far-fetched? We can only hope. However, history tells us it is never a prudent idea to underestimate the power of globalism in the hands of a Trudeau. This we have already witnessed in father Pierre’s reverence for debt accumulation and socialism. After all, it was no mere coincidence that Fidel Castro was a pall bearer at his funeral.

So into the great unknown Canadians go, unaware our society is in its most transformative stage since the founding of our nation in 1867. This is, however, quite understandable — between work, marriage, children, mortgages and bill payments these folks simply do not have the time to focus upon such trivialities as the demise of their national heritage.The fact that to raise even the smallest objection results in accusations of racism, bigotry and xenophobia keeps home-grown Canadians in check.

So it’s off to Tent City to assume the position of the “Second Nations” peoples of Canada. Home ownership — at least in cosmopolitain centres like Toronto and Vancouver— is now reserved for the wealthy of the world. Dozens of Canadian municipalities are today third world mini-states. Naturally, our Liberal government are accelerating the process though an uplift in immigration quotas. “Old Stock”Canada — a euphemism for white Canadians — are now the target of affirmative action  — meaning they are being forced out of government positions for the heinous crime of, well, being white. In diversity-speak, this is called “equality.”

Yes, it is game over — at least for English Canada. Perhaps the greatest irony is that within a supposedly democratic nation, not a single Canadian ever had a say in the matter. Under the politically correct spin of a Trudeau government, this is what is referred to as “democracy.”

Less Than Half of the Residents in High River, Alberta, Trust the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The question, which was put to a sample of residents on September 6, asked “Knowing what you do now, if there were another emergency evacuation order in High River, as there was during the 2013 floods, would you trust the RCMP to protect your home and property?”

Thirty-nine percent (39%) said they would not trust the RCMP, seventeen percent (17%) said they were doubtful, and only forty-four (44%) said they would trust the RCMP.

“More than one-third (38%) of the sample have clearly lost their faith in the RCMP. That’s impressive!” says Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus at the Beedie School of Business and the Institute for Urban Canadian Research Studies at Simon Fraser University. “And another 17% are doubtful. Less than half the sample trusts the RCMP.”

During the flooding members of the RCMP kicked in hundreds of doors, causing $2.3 million in damages to more than 2,000 homes. Entering these homes and illegally confiscating firearms led to a special investigation by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

The Commission’s final report found that “…the RCMP wrongly seized firearms which were safely stored. In addition, the Commission found that the RCMP failed to report the seizures to a justice as required by the Criminal Code.”

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