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California and the End of White America

A future America in which both whites and all other ethnic groups see themselves as minorities will be far different from our traditional majority-white/minority-black society. Since the 1960′s, the deepening ideological decay of the American melting pot, especially among the journalists and intellectuals who shape our thoughts, has transformed our official self-image from that of a nation of individuals living in a common culture into that of a nation of groups arrayed against one another in an ethnic spoils system. Multiculturalism and “diversity” thoroughly dominate our nation’s schools and politics and public discourse, encouraging minorities to exercise influence through the mobilization of ethnic or racial grievance. Under this framework, the rise of a similar ethnic-grievance movement among America’s emerging white minority is likely, perhaps inevitable...

As the first major state to face the political reality of a shrinking white minority, California has become the laboratory of America’s ethnic future...

Aristotle on Immigration, Diversity, and Democracy

Aristotle is greatly concerned with the preservation of civil peace in the city-state. One of the most common causes of “faction” and civil war, he says, was the unhappy consequences of unassimilated immigration and the consequent diversity. Aristotle’s prose is perfectly clear:

Heterogeneity of stocks may lead to faction – at any rate until they have had time to assimilate. A city cannot be constituted from any chance collection of people, or in any chance period of time. Most of the cities which have admitted settlers, either at the time of their foundation or later, have been troubled by faction. For example, the Achaeans joined with settlers from Troezen in founding Sybaris, but expelled them when their own numbers increased; and this involved their city in a curse. At Thurii the Sybarites quarreled with the other settlers who had joined them in its colonization; they demanded special privileges, on the ground that they were the owners of the territory, and were driven out of the colony. At Byzantium the later settlers were detected in a conspiracy against the original colonists, and were expelled by force; and a similar expulsion befell the exiles from Chios who were admitted to Antissa by the original colonists. At Zancle, on the other hand, the original colonists were themselves expelled by the Samians whom they admitted. At Apollonia, on the Black Sea, factional conflict was caused by the introduction of new settlers; at Syracuse the conferring of civic rights on aliens and mercenaries, at the end of the period of the tyrants, led to sedition and civil war; and at Amphipolis the original citizens, after admitting Chalcidian colonists, were nearly all expelled by the colonists they had admitted. (1303A13)

Thus, immigration of different peoples was a common source of conflict, often leading to civil war and concluding with the ethnic cleansing of either the native peoples or the invaders.

Here are a few articles on our President, the progressive left, and
deconstructionist media. They serve to explain the hatred directed
toward our President.

The Stepford Americans, by Dave Merrick, Canada Free Press, January 31, 2017

What is going on right now is just downright weird-into-evil. And the
shots currently being fired at Trump - both the hateful insults as
well as the death threats - are unprecedented in the history of our nation...

CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, etc., etc. have spent the past sixty years
shaping opinion by bending the appearance of truth before all the
millions of people who now live their lives in the fantasy world that
began as 'entertainment'. When someone like a fog-busting Trump comes
along, you've got to get the camera off of him. And because you can't
do that now that he is president, you've got to take him out entirely...

America's 2016 Declaration Of Independence, by Dave Merrick, Canada
Free Press, February 22, 2017

  liberal news-media and entertainment have for decades been
progressively shaping the attitudes of their consumer-audiences in
priming them for whoever will buy their mesmerized allegiance. And
now, as a result, our President is the TARGET of the most dangerous
group of EXTREMISTS on earth: our liberal press,
television/entertainment. And through their actions and 'journalism',
who can deny that they have issued what is tantamount to a deadly
fatwa on our president...

Working Americans - the nose-to-the-grindstone, beat-up taxpayers who
have been underwriting Obama's father's dreams - finally had had
enough. And they went and did what ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, et al. never
dreamed of: They put their foot down and shouted a resounding "HELL, NO!"...

What most infuriates big media/press, etc., is that President Trump
is quite obviously not afraid of them...

Deconstruction of America has stopped, by Rolf Yungclas, Canada Free
Press, January 31, 2017

The Left is freaking out because they've lost control in their effort
to make this a nation run by a Party and not a Constitution

Meanwhile, as the Left protests the existence of a non-Leftist
government, they are showing us that they consider the Constitutional
process optional. As long as their Party gets elected, our
Constitutional system is commendable. But put them out of power in a
major way and the goal becomes shutting down the Constitutional
process and imposing their will on the rest of us...

If immigration can't become, in effect, open immigration, then all
efforts to crack down on illegal immigration are considered
opposition to all immigrants and must be fiercely opposed...

And the ultimatum continues. Everything on President Trump's agenda
must be opposed, so come up with an argument why each item will cause
untold evil, and boycott, protest and disrupt wherever and whenever possible.

Some say a coup is in progress. I call it the Cold Civil War. The
forces of destruction have been deposed by the election of Donald
Trump and are trying everything short of armed revolt.

The cold coup d'etat had taken place under Obama but was unable to
consolidate its hold by turning the military into the armed forces of
the Left and by stopping the election of a Republican President for
the third consecutive time (and the final one, I would say).

Now, facing defeat, all they can do is try to sabotage the
restoration of our republic and multi-party government...

Enter President Donald J. Trump: A comatose nation has been revived
and is undergoing physical therapy in preparation for return to a
normal life. Once we get beyond the boycott of Trump administration
nominees we can get back to functioning as a great nation.

The Democrat Party-induced protests will fade, as did the anti-Tea
Party protests, Operation Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter. ISIS
will be put on the run, illegal immigration will be brought under
control, and the shackles will be taken off of economic growth. It's
going to be quite a ride, America, so fasten your seatbelt and
prepare for takeoff!...

The American Church Has Become An Instrument of Globalist Oppression

When Does a Modern Country Become a Third World Country?

When does a First World country become a Third World country? The better question is, how many third world immigrants can a modern country take on until they become the newest Third World country? This is why in the 1880’s, at the height of America’s largest legal immigration period, American law reflected the fact that the country would control the number of immigrants and the origin of the immigrants would be limited by a quota system. Further, the absence of communicable disease was a requirement for entry as was the absence of serious criminal behavior in the background of the immigrant as much as could be determined.

Today’s churches and their “immigration outreach services” have total disdain for the welfare of the country, as a whole, as they facilitate law-breaking behavior to the overall detriment of American citizens. The FBI has stated, for example, that one in ten immigrants from the Middle East could be expected to be radicalized. This is a euphemism for terrorist potentialities.

Why would any organization, even a church, advocate for the entry of these people without proper screening? Are we to assume that the Lutheran church is just fine with the events of Orlando, San Bernardino and 9/11? If so, this is why I want nothing to do with the modern American church.

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