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Regarding the "caravan" of "migrants" heading to the U.S. border from Honduras on 10/22/2018

President Trump is left with no other choice if Mexican "officials" don't stop this army of invaders originating in Honduras but to send the U.S. Army and Marine Corps across the border into Mexico with armored vehicles to stop the invaders before they can set foot on U.S. soil.

Because of Posse Comitatus restrictions imposed on using U.S. troops on American soil, he must send them across the border to confront the invaders in Mexico. To do anything less is tantamount to surrender to any and all people from around the world determined to illegally cross our borders.

Following sending troops into Mexico, a Mexican Exclusion Act must be put into action to create a permanent ban on persons entering the U.S. from Mexico. Anything less will mean a continuation of business as usual for Mexican drug smugglers and human traffickers.

President Trump: Let the Mexican government know in no uncertain terms that the United States is done with allowing Mexico and Central America to use our nation as a dumping ground for their surplus population.

S. Byron Gassaway

United States of Anger: Liberals are killing comedy in the Age of Trump

The level of political rhetoric ripping through the US has hit such a fever pitch that even the world of comedy has been weaponized for political gain. As a result, comedy is no longer a laughing matter for many Americans.


At the same time, something has gone drastically wrong of late with the political part of the comedy spectacle. Once upon a time, comedians ‘roasted’ American politicians without malice or ill-intent, thereby carrying on an ancient practice. In medieval times, every European court had its jester, while even the pharaohs employed “licensed fools” who could say the things nobody else dared. It has been said that the purpose of these jesters was far more than simply to induce laughter. Rather, it allowed the king or queen to hear criticisms that nobody in the court would utter aloud for fear of losing their head. It needs to be emphasized that the purpose of the court jester was certainly never intended to help supplant or impeach the ruler, as seems to be their ultimate purpose today.


The comedian John Oliver, for example, who isn’t even American (nor funny), gets paid a prodigious amount of money regularly trouncing Trump on his ‘Last Week Tonight’ program. See, the great thing about being the host of a news satire program is that laughs – as opposed to facts – are all that really matter. Thus, it was nothing less than a travesty to watch as Oliver lampooned Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination hearing to the Supreme Court, casually cherry-picking some choice comments completely out of context. This not only made Kavanaugh appear ridiculous, it portrayed the Republicans as unsympathetic to Christine Blasey Ford’s story. Meanwhile, Oliver never once employed the same acerbic comedy line to the many holes that punctuated Ford’s story. This sort of unbalanced, agenda-driven ‘comedy’, which many Americans now associate with hard-hitting journalism, should come with a very large warning label. It’s simply dangerous to the health of the nation.

Although there were too many ‘honorable’ mentions of Brett Kavanaugh by the late-night comedy circuit to list here, they could best be summed up with a stunning remark by Ariel Dumas, a comic writer for Stephen Colbert, yet another late-night hit-job artist, who wrote of Trump’s Supreme Court pick: “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”

Funny how truth always finds a way of bursting into the open if one waits long enough.


Ann Coulter: No More Mr. White Guy

“They know the optics of 11 white men questioning Dr. Ford … will be so harmful and so damaging to the GOP.” — Areva Martin, CNN legal analyst

“They understand that you have all of these white men who would be questioning this woman … the optics of it would look terrible.” — Gloria Borger, CNN chief political analyst

“Women across this nation should be outraged at what these white men senators are doing to this woman.” — Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif.


“There has been some discussion of the GOP senators who happened to all be … white men.” — Jim Sciutto, CNN correspondent

“What troubles me is now there are … they’re all white men.” — Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan, on CNN

“You’re seeing on display a metaphor for what this party is, which is basically ignorant white men.” — “Morning Joe” contributor Donny Deutsch

“All these white men … stumbling all over themselves asking her, you know, aggressive and obnoxious questions.” — Asha Rangappa, CNN analyst

“What are those — that collection of old white men going to do?” — Cynthia Alksne, MSNBC contributor

“If she testifies in front of the Judiciary Committee, where 11 members are white men …” — Susan Del Percio, Republican political strategist, on MSNBC

“Once again, it will be all white men on the Republican side of the Judiciary Committee.” — CNN anchor Poppy Harlow

“The optics for Republicans are going to be really tricky … You’ve got all white men on the Republican side here …” — Julie Pace, Washington bureau chief for The Associated Press, on CNN

“The Republicans, it happens to be 11 white men still on that side.” — CNN host John Berman

“The Republicans, it is 11 white men, talk to me about how you think the tone inside this hearing on Monday will be perceived?” — Berman, a few minutes later

“On the Republican side, all 11 are white men.” — Berman, again, same show, several minutes later

“What hasn’t changed is the number of white men questioning, certainly, on the Republican side.” — Dana Bash, CNN chief political correspondent

“The Republican side on the Senate Judiciary Committee is all white men …” — Irin Carmon, senior correspondent for New York Magazine, on MSNBC

“Only this crowd of clueless old white guys …” — The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin on Twitter

US and VISIGRAD Nations should grant political asylum to White South Africans
 As South Africa's new president is preparing to seize farmland from White farmers, it is morally incumbent upon America and the VISIGRAD nations to offer refuge for any displaced farmers.  It is imperative that White nations make it clear to the ANC ruling party in South Africa that they will not tolerate ethnic cleansing, genocide, or any racial violence toward White South Africans -- even if it means armed intervention by the West to protect our brothers and sisters who are under threat of a race war in the current volatile situation.  The West put South Africa in its current situation through economic sanctions and shaming in the 20th century and has a moral duty to defend the minority White population from the consequences that the West set in motion decades ago.
  It is also imperative that we in the Northern Hemisphere insist that there be no talk by our "leaders" and military planners of nuclear war between Russia and NATO countries.  Nuclear war between the East and West would be the final holocaust to end all holocausts for the White nations of the North and must be dismissed outright by all thinking Americans, Europeans, and Russians.  The White race has been victimized by "leaders" for over a century that have led us to wars that have killed tens of millions of us.  We need to make it known to these "leaders" that nuclear war must be totally rejected as an option to toy with in the 21st century.
S. Byron Gassaway

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