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US and VISIGRAD Nations should grant political asylum to White South Africans
 As South Africa's new president is preparing to seize farmland from White farmers, it is morally incumbent upon America and the VISIGRAD nations to offer refuge for any displaced farmers.  It is imperative that White nations make it clear to the ANC ruling party in South Africa that they will not tolerate ethnic cleansing, genocide, or any racial violence toward White South Africans -- even if it means armed intervention by the West to protect our brothers and sisters who are under threat of a race war in the current volatile situation.  The West put South Africa in its current situation through economic sanctions and shaming in the 20th century and has a moral duty to defend the minority White population from the consequences that the West set in motion decades ago.
  It is also imperative that we in the Northern Hemisphere insist that there be no talk by our "leaders" and military planners of nuclear war between Russia and NATO countries.  Nuclear war between the East and West would be the final holocaust to end all holocausts for the White nations of the North and must be dismissed outright by all thinking Americans, Europeans, and Russians.  The White race has been victimized by "leaders" for over a century that have led us to wars that have killed tens of millions of us.  We need to make it known to these "leaders" that nuclear war must be totally rejected as an option to toy with in the 21st century.
S. Byron Gassaway

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You're not being tolerant. You're not being inclusive.  You're not being anti-racist.  You're being conquered.

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