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Smuggling and Migration Costs

A Cop Speaks Out: Illegal Mexican Nationals Murdered My Buddy Execution-style in Arizona

Retired Phoenix Police Detective Robert Arce is speaking out about the execution-style murder of a federal agent with whom he closely worked. His slain friend, DEA Special Agent Richard Fass, was murdered by illegal aliens near Phoenix, Arizona.

"My friend begged for his life as illegal aliens from Mexico handcuffed him and murdered him. They didn't care that he was pleading for his life and his loved ones," said Officer Arce.

Cartels are growing marijuana illegally in California and there's a war brewing

Even as California embraces the booming legal marijuana market, though, it is also seeing an explosion in illegal cultivation, much of it on the state’s vast and remote stretches of public land. National forests and even national parks have seen a surge in large-scale illegal “trespass grows,” some with tens of thousands of plants spread across dozens of acres. As much as 80 percent of illegal pot eradicated in California is grown on federal lands, and that’s just the fraction that authorities find. (Trespass grows occur in other states in the American West, and even in remote areas back east, but at nowhere near the scale of California.) 

The surge has overwhelmed land-management and law-enforcement agencies, whose resources are already stretched thin. Here in the Plumas National Forest, for instance, three USFS officers have to cover some 4,600 square kilometers (1,790 square miles). That’s why so many different agencies are cooperating on this raid.

As the executive director of the non-profit Integral Ecology Research Center (IERC), Gabriel’s usual purview is studying ecosystems and their inhabitants, from big cats to endangered invertebrates. He never expected to find himself packing heat and creeping through the forest, let alone facing other threats to his and his family’s safety. But he has taken up the challenge because of illegal pot growing’s insidious side effects: The lethal poisons growers use to protect their crops and campsites from pests are annihilating wildlife, polluting pristine public lands, and maybe even turning up in your next bong hit.

Residents Shocked Local Walmart Transforming into Illegal Immigrant Shelter

South Texas residents are concerned over a local Walmart transforming into yet another shelter for illegal immigrants.

The shuttered retail building situated in Brownsville will re-open in March to house an undisclosed number of illegal immigrants under the age of 17, claimed a representative for the non-profit group Southwest Key Programs.

The group contends the shelter is necessary to house the immigrant influx entering the US illegally via Mexico from Central American nations, according to KRGV News.

The facility is reportedly the 4th of its kind in Brownsville and the 7th shelter to be built in Cameron County.



Smuggling leads to 

Fire loss of Habitat 
Killing of ranchers cattle 
Loss of Personal property Vehicle Theft 
Loss of Personal privacy 
Death [Paul Reithmeyer]





Photos taken in Arizona

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