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Fleeing White farm invasions in Zimbabwe

White farmers thrive in Zambia after leaving Zimbabwe


Rhodesian "Zimbabwean" Farmers

March 2, 2000 – Ian Henderson, his wife Blair, their daughter Jasmine, 4, and their dog, ‘Roo, stand in front of the locked 9-foot gate to their farm house. The Hendersons were besieged Tuesday night by about 150 land invaders, who parked outside their gate and beat drums all night. The next morning they demanded Henderson sign over his 1,000 acre farm, founded by his grandfather in 1946. (Credit Image: © Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS/ZUMAPRESS.com)

Daughter of white farmer in Zimbabwe loading magazine

Below: Escape from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) via Angola to Southwest Africa (Namibia) during farm invasions.






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Ryan Bundy's children.

You're not being tolerant. You're not being inclusive.  You're not being anti-racist.  You're being conquered.

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