Impeachment, the Left, and the Deep State (Keep going, Toto!)

The terms “left” and “right” have now completely outlived their usefulness, but if they must be used, let’s just recognize that there is now a “Left” (“developing”/devolving for roughly thirty years now) that is to the right of the Right.

We now see a “Left” that, wittingly or unwittingly, is on board with an impeachment “process” that is nothing more than a rolling coup to put the CIA-led Deep State back into full control.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats, except that the latter is at present the leading “political” steering media for this restoration of the establishment.

Once this restoration occurs, it will become much harder to loosen things up again. Perhaps, though, when the establishment/Deep State reasserts itself, under Democratic Party leadership, the conditions will be ripe for the emergence of a Yellow Jersey-type movement of working people in the U.S.

(But note the general lack of enthusiasm by the U.S. Left for the Gilets Jaunes in France. This mainly shows the instinctive way that the U.S. Left now folds itself into the Democrats, as the Gilets Jaunes are not protesting France’s Trump but rather France’s Hillary.)

Whether Donald Trump is a true spanner in the works of the establishment/Deep State or simply a loose screw in the mechanism, there is no excuse for getting behind the Democrats and this impeachment “process.” None whatsoever.

As this “process” goes forward, however, it should be obvious to those with eyes and ears with which to see and hear, or, more to the point a brain with which to think, that the establishment and the Deep State do see Trump as a threat. “God bless the Deep State,” said former CIA deputy director/acting director John McLachlan last week, regarding the impeachment drive.

Trump’s main effectiveness in disruption and clarification has been “rhetorical.” What this means is that what he has mainly done is to pull the curtain back on how things really work with the establishment and Deep State. (Tulsi Gabbard did a good job with this a couple weeks earlier, and this was a good thing quite apart from anything else that can be discussed regarding Gabbard.) My view is, Keep going, Toto!

The view of today’s Left, that supports this “impeachment process”/establishment coup is that they are fine with, or at least can accept, what they see behind the curtain. “Because Trump … .” That’s ridiculous. In fact, one would want to say it’s insane, truly crazy.

One last thing that I hope concentrates how crazy liberals and the Left are these days: Comparing Trump with Hitler (or the “Trump regime” with the Third Reich) is not only crazy and ridiculous, it is anti-Semitic. It is a complete trivialization of the Holocaust and much else that is horrible besides.

Another ‘deplorables’ moment? Surging in Democrat polls, Buttigieg calls all Trump supporters racist

Campaigning in South Carolina on Tuesday, ahead of Wednesday’s Democrat debate, the South Bend mayor was was filmed accusing “anyone who supported this president” of either being racist or unacceptably tolerant of it.

Accusing Trump of racism has been an article of faith among the Democrats for years, and asking for evidence is a surefire way to get branded a racist oneself. Just two months prior to the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton famously declared half of Trump’s supporters as an irredeemable “basket of deplorables… racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic you name it.”

Democrats have mostly reacted to Buttigieg’s remark by calling it a true fact, or quibbling about semantics – saying that “looking the other way, at best” isn’t quite calling people racist outright.

The Grand Poo Bah Still Searching for Impeachment

There were two especially notable testimonys made during the recent House impeachment inquiry that should have been ‘nothing to see here folks, let’s move on’ except that The Grand Poo-bah of the Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff, haughty in his own insecurity and full of his usual self-regard, bugging his eyes in anticipation, continues to act as if he is living in a reality where facts and evidence are non existent.

In a series of mental meanderings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement that two career diplomats had provided “corroborated evidence of bribery was little more than off-hand ramblings with no evidence of exactly what was corroborated.

Upon questioning, Pelosi defined ‘bribery’ as the President’s alleged withholding of military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into the Biden’s financial bonanza.

In contrast to Pelosi’s allegation, neither of the career diplomats aforementioned presented any “corroborated evidence of bribery” nor has any testimony confirmed that bribery occurred.

As Lord High Justice of the Misguided Society of Wild Goose Chases, the myopic Schiff Show moves on this week to the House Judiciary Committee with more disgruntled witnesses on Wednesday who have, as of the 2016 election, lost any objectivity or claim to legal scholarship.

‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’: Fed QE is like Pringles, Ross Ashcroft tells RT’s Keiser Report

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been bailing out the repo market with multi-billion dollar programs every week, says the Keiser Report, which asks if it’s the fourth round of quantitative easing (QE).

Max Keiser talks to award winning filmmaker, broadcaster, and strategist Ross Ashcroft, who says it’s not QE but more like QE infinity. “It’s like Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop,” says Ashcroft.

According to Ashcroft, who is the host of the weekly program Renegade, it is the classic liquidity trap. He says the money is stagnating while really bad ideas are being funded.

Chile’s Billionaire President’s Legacy Swept Away by Unrest

(Bloomberg) — As rioting broke out across Chile in October, President Sebastian Pinera watched his political agenda go up in smoke.

Just 18 months after taking office on promises to expand the private pension system, cut taxes for the rich and clamp down on crime, Pinera saw his legislative plans swept away by the biggest street protests and riots since the return of democracy in 1990.

Every single one of his flagship policies is now being ditched, reversed or revised. Under a new finance minister, the government’s efforts are centered on placating protesters through spending increases, upending election pledges to narrow the fiscal deficit. Pinera’s biggest concession, a plan to rewrite the constitution, was negotiated by lawmakers from almost all the main parties. The president, who has resisted calls to resign, only endorsed it two days later.

“His manifesto and policies are gone, done, finished,” said Javier Sajuria, a senior lecturer from Chile at Queen Mary University in London. “He may just become an administrator for a political agenda set by the parties in congress.”

With two-and-a-half years of his mandate to go, Pinera’s approval rating has slumped to 12%, according to the latest poll from Cadem. Some opposition lawmakers have even started an impeachment process, though it is unlikely to succeed.

Bolivia coup led by Christian fascist paramilitary leader and millionaire – with foreign support

Bolivian coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho is a far-right multi-millionaire who arose from fascist movements in the Santa Cruz region, where the US has encouraged separatism. He has courted support from Colombia, Brazil, and the Venezuelan opposition.

By Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton

Lee este artículo en español aquí.

When Luis Fernando Camacho stormed into Bolivia’s abandoned presidential palace in the hours after President Evo Morales’s sudden November 10 resignation, he revealed to the world a side of the country

that stood at stark odds with the plurinational spirit its deposed socialist and Indigenous leader had put forward.

With a Bible in one hand and a national flag in the other, Camacho bowed his head in prayer above the presidential seal, fulfilling his vow to purge his country’s Native heritage from government and “return God to the burned palace.”

“Pachamama will never return to the palace,” declared the pastor to his side, referring to the Andean Mother Earth spirit. “Bolivia belongs to Christ.”

King Sobieski monument erected in Kraków after Vienna says it’s too controversial

A monument of Polish king Jan III Sobieski has been placed on a platform trailer in front of the Papal Window in Kraków.

The monument has been put on temporary display to remind people of its existence after authorities in Vienna withdrew from a long-term plan to erect it on Kahlenberg hill in Vienna, from where the Polish king launched his history-changing attack 336 years ago.

Displacing the Phony Right: Review of James Kirkpatrick’s “Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right”

Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right
By James Kirkpatrick
London: Arktos Media, 2019; $19.95

It is a political truism that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it oneself, and today’s globalist, anti-white left has succeeded better than perhaps anyone else in history at implementing such a strategy. The rising generation of young white men are subject to a ceaseless campaign of psychological warfare by the dominant elite: taught that their ancestors were monsters and that they themselves are the great, supposedly all-powerful enemies of the rest of oppressed humanity. But when they look around for an alternative to such hostility, they encounter a “conservative” opposition happily chirping about “the record number of new businesses started by black women” and holding “Young Latino Leadership Summits,” while hypocritically telling Whites (and Whites alone) that “ethnonationalism has NO place in the conservative movement.” We will never defeat our declared enemies before we have displaced this sham opposition.


Most of Conservatism Inc. consists of carefully chosen columns written between 2013 and 2018. The pieces are short and punchy, ideal especially for younger readers getting up to speed on America’s current situation and the nationalist response. This material can be difficult to summarize, but highlights include his account of:


  • the efforts of our elites to swamp the founding stock population of the US as “indistinguishable from the tactics of a foreign regime waging a war of conquest;
  • the lying press “staging the news by covering up obscenities to present an attractive image of young children holding a Mexican flag.”


Mexican Cartels ‘Will Be Designated’ as Terrorist Organizations, Says President Trump

President Donald Trump told Bill O’Reilly he will designate some Mexican cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO). His comments came during an interview released on Tuesday.

“The Mexican drug cartels kill more than 100,000 Americans every year by the importation of dangerous narcotics,” O’Reilly said to President Trump during an interview aired on O’ “Are you going to designate those cartels in Mexico as terror groups?”

“They will be designated … I have offered him (the Mexican president) to let us go in and clean it out,” President Trump responded. “He, so far, has rejected the offer. But at some point, something has to be done.”

CNN: Trump Is Leader Of ‘Destructive Cult’; Using ‘Mind Control’ On Americans

CNN’s resident lunatic Brian Stelter went above and beyond his regular whackery Sunday, wheeling out a ‘cult expert’ on his “Reliable Sources” show, who claimed that President Trump is a “destructive cult” leader, a la Jim Jones, and that he is using “mind control” to direct supporters.

Stelter introduced Steven Hassan, author of a book titled The Cult of Trump, claiming that many prominent figures (read ‘CNN talking heads’) have been suggesting recently that Trump’s America first movement is ‘cultish’.

Commie Coup: When Will Public Wake-Up to Communist Revolution in USA?

[November 7] on TruNews we discuss the communist revolution being waged against the Christians of America through the shadow government of President-in-exile Barack Hussein Obama.

Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching

[November 22] on TruNews, founder and host Rick Wiles presents an in-depth analysis of the Jewish influence that is glaringly evident in the impeachment process of President Donald Trump, using only Jewish publications and websites as confirmation of the conspiracy that abounds in the purge of this administration. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 11/22/19